Hog Hill Race Dates 2017

Hog Hill Race Calendar 2017

The UKSSA are happy to announce this years dates for racing at Hog Hill – Redbridge Cycling Centre.  http://www.vision-rcl.org.uk/redbridge_cycle_centre.html 

 20th & 21st May  – The Crackling 2017

The season opener – Dual Hybrid and Giant Slalom

The first Hog Hill event of the year is “The Crackling” which features head to head Hybrid and Giant Slalom racing with some of the best of the current crop of British racers.

Freestyle Jam/Competition.
Freeriding, Downhill Racing, Luge, Slide events and numerous clinics will be hosted and run by our partners in crime DAS Industries and London Longboards. 

 22nd & 23rd July – Summer Swine Stomp 2017

Dual Hybrid and GS

+ Vintage slalom board races – “English Tight” slalom course, gauntlet style racing. (Time permitting)

Freestyle – possible UK Round Up Comp – to be confirmed by Tony Gale
Freeriding, Downhill Racing, Luge, Slide events and clinics. 

14th & 15th October – Hogtoberfest 2017

Winter draws on!

Dual Hybrid and Giant Slalom

Freestyle Jam/Competition.
Plus all of the usual Freeriding, Downhill Racing, Luge, Slide events and  clinics.
End of year awards.

We should also have confirmation of the Turn & Burn Race at Paddle Round the Pier on 1st & 2nd July soon. Watch this space.

Make a note of these dates now!

See you at the races. 

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Hogtoberfest , Hog Hill – 15th/16th October 2016

The last Hog Hill race of the season Hogtoberfest took place back in October. Unfortunately unlike previous years it didn’t look as though we were going to be as lucky with the weather. On arrival the track was wet and would take a while to dry out before any slalom could take place.

Hogtoberfest saw the return of our French slalom cousin Vincent Tanguy to the hill and he was joined by Patrick Allan who was making his maiden visit. Mmedo (dubbed “Mmexit” for the weekend) also made the trip over to join his Pavel Teammates Louis and Sam in the competition.

Dual Hybrid Slalom Course. Photo by Rob Ashby

 While the course was drying we began setting up and getting the dual Hybrid course marked up ensuring that we could get underway without delay as soon as conditions allowed.

Eventually we were ready to roll and got practice and qualifying underway. I took a few runs but it was clear that my ankle wasn’t going to play ball so I sat out and concentrated on timekeeping duties. Once qualifying times were safely in the bag we bracketed the racers; the fastest 8 forming the A Group and the remaining the B. Just to mix things up a bit we started with the B group first since there were a few more of them to get through. The standard of racing was exceptionally high and provided some quality close racing. There were a few byes in the round of 16 so we got through that fairly rapidly.

Race Control, Rob Ashby seated on the right assisted by Mmedo on the whiteboard
Photo by Sam Gordon

It was good to see Kim Jungreuthmayer giving the hybrid a good go on his new “The One” set up – a step up in terms of technology from his Hobieflex Slalom. He was drawn against Andy Turner and was despatched to the sidelines after his round of 16 heats. He’ll be out for revenge next year with that set up well and truly dialled in so watch out folks! Returning PigCityskater  Dom Barette went out to the ever improving Dill Hill and after DQ’ing in his second run Alec Brown joined Kim and Dom on the sidelines going out to Andrea “Beer Monster” Paro. So through into the round of 8 were Veteran LSD racer Dobie Campbell, Trevor Hickey, Paul Borrell, DreadCity’s John Nicholas, Richard “The One” Searle, Andrea, Andy and Dill.

Dobie’s fast and fluid style saw Andrea eliminated next. The heats were very close between Trevor and Paul but the latter’s cone count was to be his undoing. The first run between Richard and Dill ended in a dead heat with both riders crossing the line in 16.86 but it was Richards 2 cones to Dill’s 4 that gave him the edge going into the second run. Richard pulled out all the stops and ran clean thus eliminating Dill who was still “running in” his new Octane/Pavel set up and hitting cones in the process. Close racing was to be the order of the day in the B group and in the first heat between John Nicholas and Andy, John crossed the line in 16.82 picking up 1 cone penalty and Andy managed 16.72 but hit 2 cones meaning tied times with penalties added. John hit 2 cones on his second run but his faster run (16.25) was enough to see him advance despite Andy’s 16.47 clean run time.

Dobie, Speed and Style is Everything.
Photo by Sam Gordon

So the stage was set for a great round of 4 with Dobie facing Trevor and John racing Richard. Trevor (16.30) just edged across the line ahead of Dobie (16.34). Trevor’s 1 cone penalty to Dobie’s 4 meant he went into the second run with a 0.34 advantage. Dobie was having none of it and put in a blistering second run. Both riders hit a cone but with his time of 15.80 Dobie relegated Trevor (16.30) to the consolation round, the margin just 0.16.  In the other heats John (15.95) showed he meant business and crossed the line ahead of Richard (16.28) who had hit two cones leaving himself an uphill struggle in the next run. John again put in another sub 16 second run (15.92) incurring just 1 cone penalty whereas the best Richard could manage was 16.36 also with 1 cone so he joined Trev in the Consolation Round.  

This year’s Hogtoberfest Hybrid saw what was probably the best B Group racing we had seen all year. Talk about saving the best until last!

In The Final it was a case of new technology versus old, John running Don’t Trip trucks, Dobie on 70’s Lazer Slaloms. Both riders got great starts off the ramps, anticipating the “beep” brilliantly. They were neck and neck at the midway point John was just slightly ahead of Dobie at the finish, crossing the line in 15.74 to Dobie’s 15.86. John hit 2 cones, Dobie just 1 – meaning they were separated by a margin of just 0.02. Lightening fast reactions again saw both racers launch themselves well from the ramps and again they couldn’t be separated. With both riders hitting 2 cones each, Dobie’s time of 15.54 and John’s time of 15.56 meant after two runs the racers were tied meaning that for the first time ever in a Hog Hill Final we needed to hold a run off! Both veteran racers again climbed the ramps and focused as the red lights on the timer lit up. As soon as lights turned green and the beep sounded they catapulted themselves down the hill. This time John just crossed the line ahead of Dobie in 15.55. But John’s 3 cone penalties were to be his undoing. Dobie’s time of 15.64 with just 1 cone meant that he had snatched the top podium spot with a margin a just 0.09. 

Lazers and Southbank 1 – Don’t Trip andDreadCity0…….to be continued methinks?

The Consolation Round provided yet more high calibre racing. Richard called on his wealth of recent European race experience to get well and truly “in the zone”. He put in a great smooth, fast and clean first run finishing in 16.30 to Trevor’s 16.36 with 1 cone penalty. Both riders ran clean in their final run but Richard (16.14) had done enough, pipping Trev (16.26) to the line and so nabbing the 3rd podium spot.  

 Now that the B Group had shown how it was done it was time for the A Group to show their metal. The round of 8 comprised Vincent Tanguy (FR) vs. Paul Coupe, Patrick Allan (FR) vs. Sam Gordon, Louis Selby vs. Paul Taylor Crush and Mmedo Duffort vs. Chris Charalambous.

Patrick Allan on his Hog Hill debut.
Photo by Sam Gordon

Vincent was running incredibly fast and although Paul was doing his level best he was sent packing by the Frenchman, the margin 2.82 seconds. For the first time in quite sometime Sam failed to make it into the round of 4 joining Paul “on the bench”. Sam (14.77 & 15.06) crossed the line ahead of Patrick (14.99 & 15.09) in both heats but his normal fast and clean runs failed to materialise picking up 4 cone penalties on each of his heats. Louis was looking good and had been running clean in practice. His first run against Paul TC was no exception leaving Paul to make up a deficit of a second and a half going into the second run after he had hit cones and picked up 4 penalties. Their second run saw Louis hit 2 cones to Paul’s 3 but the damage had already been done and so it was theUKnumber 1 that advanced.

In what has now come to be a bit of a friendly grudge match Mmedo took the first heat against LSD Southbank skater Chris. Did Mmedo psyche him out? Chris just froze on the ramp, failing to start after the “beep” leaving himself an almost impossible task in his second run. His only hope was that Mmedo would DQ, but it was not to be. They were neck and neck through the first half of the course but Mmedo accelerated through the last section finishing in 14.81 clean. Chris managing 15.32 but picking up 3 penalties.

The round of 4 would see the two Frenchmen, Vincent and Patrick face one another and Pavel teammates Louis and Mmedo would once again have to slug it out. Vincent got the better start in the first heat and beat Patrick, who had hit cones, finishing by a margin of 0.79. Vincent put in the fastest run of the day on his second run crossing the line in 13.68 with just 1 cone. Patrick ran clean and finished in 14.29. The sky was darkening as Louis and Mmedo prepared themselves on the ramps, we were now racing the rapidly approaching rain too! Once again we saw two super fast racers in perfect synchronisation with each other as they powered through the course. Louis ran clean again, finishing in 14.36, Mmedo in 14.58 with a cone penalty. A couple of drops of rain had been felt at the top of the hill and the riders where asked if they wanted to take their second run or wait? They opted to go for it. Louis got the better start but Mmedo was still up with him and managed to close right up. Louis (13.91) had run clean again and although Mmedo was right behind him (14.12) he had clipped 4 cones. Perhaps the rain in the air may have played on Mmedo’s mind or he may have just been unfortunate? Either way it was Louis that would race Vincent in the final. Sadly the rain came down very heavily and so prevented us from completing the A Group on Saturday. The forecast wasn’t looking particularly good for Sunday either.

 Sunday began grey and overcast but it looked promising when a bit sun broke through and a light breeze started to dry the track but a couple of light showers further hampered our start. Mmedo and Louis were setting the GS nonetheless. We only had to run the A Group Hybrid Consolation Round and Final which would take 10 minutes but unusually the track was very slow to dry. The GS hill was drying well and allowed for a few practice runs and those that had gone down found the course really “nice and pumpy”, it sounded like a good course.

Vincent Vs. Louis – Ready to rock.
Photo by Dobie Campbell

Eventually the Hybrid hill was dry enough to race on so we went for finishing the racing from Saturday and we would run straight into the GS afterwards. Perhaps Patrick had been put off by the Sunday weather forecast and he failed to show up. Under the rules of racing he was entered as a “Did Not Race” (DNR) and so Mmedo picked up the 3rd place automatically. So it was thenBritain vs.France to fight it out for the top spot in the A Group. Both riders wished each other well and took their places on the ramps. In the first run Louis got a great start but Vincent was hot on his heels in no time but he was clipping cones and Louis was running clean. Vincent went over the line in 14.15 but had 3 cone penalties. Louis’ clean run time of 14.22 gave him the upper hand with a 0.23 advantage. The second run was again very close but Vincent had the edge, he clipped a cone but pumped hard in the last section of the course and crossed the line in 13.93. Louis finished in 14.47 but it was not enough and the victory went to The One’s sponsored pro Vincent.

Over the line. Louis on the right Vs. Vincent
Photo by Dobie Campbell

 The timing had all been tested on the GS hill and we were just getting the ramp set up when the heavens opened, it poured down and we all ran for cover where we could; many of us squeezing into the back of the van cursing the “effing rain”. Sadly with time against us we had to cancel the GS in favour of drinking tea and coffee in the café. Oh well that’s all part of the joys of racing in the UK in October eh?

A Group Hybrid Podium. L-R Vincent Tanguy, Mmedo Duffort, Louis Selby
Photo by Dobie Campbell


B Group Hybrid Podium. L-R Richard Searle, John Nicholas, Dobie Campbell
Photo Courtesy of J Patten Photography


At the prize giving ceremony there were special awards for Trevor Hickey who produced the best bit of show ‘n’ tell we have seen at Hog Hill in a long time – one of his pristine 70’s vintage Motoboards (yes I did say “one of…”!) and a D-Street complete went to Richard Searle for creating “The One” slalom board and introducing a lot of people to slalom through its creation. I was stoked to be presented with my very own “The One” deck by Richard for my services to slalom and doing the timekeeping this year (Sam will be jealous now, chortle).

 Well as we end yet another year of racing at Hog Hill I would just like to say a few thanks to people:

Massive thank you goes out to Michael Stride and Octane Sport for their support of all things slalom. Michael on behalf of us all, we all wish you the very best of health in 2017 and hope to see you return for the odd race when the mood takes you.

To Andy Turner for transporting the ramps to Hog Hill and Paul Coupe for doing it in July. Thanks also to Andy for all of the great photos too. Thank you also to my sister Lyn and RK Case Contractors in Rowhook for the ramp storage and putting up with our stuff in one of her stables. Big Thanks to DAS Industries – Timmy, Louise and Hannah for their hard work both “on the day” and behind the scenes at the events and for sorting out all of the Downhill and Longboard side of things, to Jorge Higgins for running the sliding stuff. To Paul Coupe for help with the timing system and to all of the helpers, supporters usual suspects (you know who you are) for mucking in and getting things done. A special mention to Ed Brockman for his unerring support at all of the events, it’s always good to hear your voice on the hill. We all wish you the very best for 2017 too.
Thank you to all of our  very generous sponsors; everyone at Kryptonics, Octane Sport, Pavel Skates, Half Dead Skateboards, Seismic Skate Systems for the Race Spreadsheets, Van Dem/Lush/Cult, Shiner & D Street Longboards, Mindless Longboards, Jimmy Z, One Tree and all of the other first class sponsors.
Thank you to the London Region of St John’s Ambulance for repairing the broken and bleeding, Our hosts Ian Coles and his wonderful team at Redbridge Cycling Centre for continuing to welcome us back – special thanks to Sylvia and her crew in the café for keeping us nourished and to Lambourne End Centre for Outdoor Learning for letting us camp with them.

 Until next year folks, Cheers.


Hogtoberfest Slalom Results


A Group

  1. Vincent Tanguy
  2. Louis Selby
  3. Mmedo “Mmexit” Duffort
  4. Patrick Allan
  5. Sam Gordon
  6. Chris Charalambous
  7. Paul Taylor Crush
  8. Paul Coupe

B Group

  1. Dobie Campbell
  2. John Nicholas
  3. Richard Searle
  4. Trevor Hickey
  5. Paul Borrell
  6. Andy Turner
  7. Dill Hill
  8. Andrea Paro
  9. Alec Brown
  10.  Dominic Barette
  11.  Kim Jungreuthmayer
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2016 Razorback Games, Hog Hill, 16th- 17th July

With it being an Olympic year this year’s July Hog Hill event saw a return to The Razorback Games name. Whilst the IOC have now decided to include skateboarding in the Tokyo 2020 games they have still failed to recognise the racing disciplines that would make sense to include. The Razorback games is our alternative and featured Slalom, Downhill, Freestyle, Luge and all aspects of Longboarding and also saw a welcome return of High Jump. The event was as usual jointly run by the UKSSA and DAS Industries. With Andy Turner having to attend the Slimming World Slimmer of the year awards in Derby on the Sunday board collector extraordinaire and UKSSA stalwart Paul Coupe stepped up to the plate to take on the transportation of the ramps. 

Saturday’s slalom racing began as usual with the Dual Hybrid. Numbers were slightly down on previous years but what we lacked in numbers we made up for in the quality and experience of the racers.  The top 8 fastest qualifiers would form the A Group and the rest the B Group.

The A Group was hotly contested and featured 3 of the UK’s old established LSD racers in the shape of Chris Charalambous, Dobie Campbell and Chris Linford; each bringing their own classic and stylish form of racing to the hill which was great to see. The rest of the A Group was made up with Pavel riders Louis Selby and Sam Gordon,PigCity’s Ben Williams, Paul Taylor Crush from Cambridge and the big man himself Paul Coupe.  In the round of 8 Louis ran clean and dispatched Paul Coupe with relative ease and despite a heavy cone count in this first run Ben took Paul TC out of the running. Pavel man Sam eliminated Chris Linford who had come down from Buxton for the weekend and in the old boy match up it was Chris Charalambous that progressed after Dobie was so zoned out that as the beep sounded he stayed fixed to the start ramp leaving him an insurmountable mountain to climb in his second run.  The round of four saw a great race between Louis and Chris but the Pavel young gun was just too quick with only a cone and half a second separating them. Ben’s cone count was to be his undoing leaving Sam to face his teammate Louis in the final. In the consolation round the usual clean running Chris hit four cones in his first run leaving Ben to claim the Bronze after he put in two blistering clean runs. The final saw a great fast close first run by both Pavel men and despite one cone penalty Louis went into the second run with a 0.18 second advantage over Sam. In the second run Sam took out three cones at the end of the course handing Louis the gold medal position on the podium. 

Louis Selby vs Sam Gordon
Photo: John Nicholas


Chris Charalambous vs Ben Williams
Photo: John Nicholas

As ever the B Group saw some really good quality racing and the standard continues to go from strength to strength. Paul Borrell’s first Round of 8 heat against John Nicolas was very close with both riders running clean but he came undone on his second run picking up two cone penalties leaving John to advance. John had taken a very heavy slam earlier but got himself together enough to carry on racing.  Andy Turner knocked out Trevor Hickey and Trevor Baker beat the ever improving Dill Hill. Despite my cone count against Alec Brown I was fast enough to squeeze into the round of four.  John consigned me to the consolation round as once again my lack of practice, racing from the timing table and cone count went against me (any old excuse eh Ashby?) An incredibly close race between Andy and Trevor saw the latter advance to the final by a margin of just 0.14 seconds.  My hopes of stealing third place from Andy were dashed when I took too wide a line on my second run and couldn’t pull it back on track despite the uber fast grippy yellow Kryptonics I was running on the rear. In the final between old Dread City riders the racing was fast, furious and close but John took the Gold from Trevor, his five cone penalties being his undoing and so he had to settle for the silver. 

John Nicholas (crossing the line) vs Trevor Baker
Photo: Alec Brown

Sunday kicked off with Giant Slalom on the main hill.
At The Crackling in May Sam cleaned up in both the Hybrid and Giant and having lost out on the gold medal to friendly rival Louis in Saturday’s Hybrid was out to retain his GS crown. With a relatively small field we opted for best of three runs rather than the usual two. The course was fast and suitably challenging. The sky looked a bit menacing when racing started and we did have to call a halt to proceedings for a light shower. However with the light breeze the warm tarmac dried pretty quickly. All racers were managing to shave their times down with each run but it was Louis that had set the time to beat on his first run with clean run 25.57. But even Sam who had donned his usual figure hugging lycra top but the speed that had been on his side in May eluded him this time and he could only manage a best time of 25.66 with two cone penalties. Third was Ben on 27.30 picking up three cone penalties.

Louis Selby on course for GS victory.
Photo: Chris Drewery Photography


Paul Borrell powering down through the GS course.
Photo: Chris Drewery Photography

With still half a day left after the GS and the afternoon sun shining brightly Paul Coupe suggested to the riders that they set up a single lane Tight Slalom course on the hill used for the Hybrid and have an impromptu competition recording the times on the “Top Gear” board. During the allotted time the order chopped and changed frequently. It was left to veteran LSD TS maestro Chris Charalambous to show his finely honed skills where as good as ever and ran fast, stylish and clean. All riders challenged hard but couldn’t quite knock Chris off the top of the board. John Nicholas, Dobie and Paul Coupe all came close but Chris wasn’t going let his gold medal place go recording a best time of 11.19.

It would be good if we could try and make TS a regular feature at future events – where time and weather permit? After all theUKused to excel at once upon a time! 

The next scheduled event at Hog Hill will be Hogtoberfest over the weekend of 15th – 16 October so keep an eye out for news of that in all the usual places in the coming weeks.

 Thank you once again to: Michael Stride and Octane Sport for providing race support, sponsorship and prizes, Kryptonics Wheels, D Street and all of our other generous sponsors,  Paul Coupe for transporting the ramps up from my sister’s in West Sussex, My sister and RK Case Contractors for providing the ramp storage, Sam Gordon for all of his organisation, sign up assistance and financial administration, Timmy Peters and DAS Industries for organisation, logistics and running a very smooth sign up, Seismic Skate for providing race spreadsheets, and all the UKSSA crew and racers for all mucking in and helping out which all goes towards making for yet another very enjoyable weekend of skating.

Finally big thanks to Ian Coles and all at Redbridge Cycling Centre for putting up with us once again and a special thanks to Sylvia and her team for feeding and watering us.

 The Razorback Games 2016 Results

Hybrid A Group


  1. Louis Selby
  2. Sam Gordon
  3. Ben Williams
  4. Chris Charalambous
  5. Dobie Campbell
  6. Paul Taylor Crush
  7. Chris Linford
  8. Paul Coupe


Hybrid B Group


  1. John Nicholas
  2. Trevor Baker
  3. Andy Turner
  4. Rob Ashby
  5. Alec Brown
  6. Dill Hill
  7. Trevor Hickey
  8. Paul Borrell
  9. Polina Fokicheva

 Time keepers: Rob Ashby/Sam Gordon

 Giant Slalom

(Raw times – cone penalties in brackets)

 1.    Louis Selby                                25.570           

2.    Sam Gordon                              25.660            (2)      

3.    Ben Williams                             27.300            (3)      

4.    Paul Taylor Crush                    28.020            (3)      

5.    John Nicholas                           28.610            (1)

6.    Lance Martins                           28.740           

7.    Chris Charalambous               28.550            (2)      

8.    Paul Borrell                               29.370           

9.    Paul Coupe                                29.000            (2)      

10.  Trevor Hickey                           29.950           

11.  Dill Hill                                      29.630            (3)      

12.  Alec Brown                                30.830            (3)

 Timekeeper: Rob Ashby

Tight Slalom (Single lane, 41 cones)

(Raw times – cone penalties in brackets)


1.   Chris Charalambous                11.19

2.   John Nicholas                           11.42

3.   Paul Coupe                                  11.50

4.   Dobie Campbell                         11.75              (2)

5.   Paul Borrell                                 12.03              (1)

6.   Paul Taylor Crush                     12.14              (1)

7.   Trevor Baker                               12.46              (1)

8.   Trevor Hickey                            12.69

9.   Alec Brown                                 12.61              (1)

10. Dill Hill                                       13.02              (2)

11. Andrea Paro                               13.25              (2)

 Head Timekeeper: John Nicholas

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The Crackling, Hog Hill – 21st – 22nd May 2016

Race report by Rob Ashby 

Race Control
Photo: Rob Ashby


Before this years season opener the talk was all about the weather, more so than usual. The forecast was looking decidedly dodgy as the weekend approached. Once again the UKSSA were aided and abetted in organising this extravaganza by Timmy Peters and his DAS Industries Crew running the Longboard and Downhill elements. This year The Crackling welcomed Swedish racers Pelle Gustafsson – Rob’s fellow Kryptonics brand Ambassador, Tezzan Redman, Johan Grundel and Anton Sundling along with Alex Lutz fromGermany. With our usual freestyle organiser Tony Gale taking part in the World Round up in Canada along with Denham Hill and Alex Foster there would be no Freestyle jam taking place this time round and it was missed.  

Sweden sign in,, Johan, Pelle and Tezzan at Registration
Photo: Sam Gordon

While Timmy and the DAS Crew assisted by Sam were running registration we got going on setting up the Hybrid and soon had practice going. The course was a little tighter than usual but after a few adjustments had been attempted and made we were ready to roll. After welcoming our European cousins and a rapid rider briefing we began the qualifying rounds.  As per usual the cut for the A Group was the top 8 and the rest of the field would make up the B Group. Racing the alongside the European riders were four of the OG Southbank LSD crew, Chris Linford, Jim Parry Jones, Chris Charalambous and Dobie Campbell; it was great to see them all racing. Not forgetting that from the same crew was Ed Brockman who was running his “Little Shop of Treasures” in the café and yours truly at the Timekeeping Table. Mac rocked up too, he is getting to be a regular at Hog Hill events nowadays which is always a good thing. With Tony absent on duty Mac was our head Freestyle representative too!  On Saturday we were also joined by Pig City’s very own Simon Levine who came up to view proceedings and I think was quite impressed with what he saw? 

Chris Linford pays Ed Brockman’s Little Shop of Treasures a visit.
Photo: Mike John


Race Control – Timekeeper Rob Ashby manning the laptop.
Photo: Patrick Dumont

Qualifying done and bracketing sorted we ran straight into the A group round of 8 despite the menacing, heavy skies. First up and on the ramps were Louis and Paul Taylor Crush. Louis took the first heat with a fast clean run. Paul wasn’t so lucky hitting 7 cones.  The second heat saw Alex Lutz race Charalambous. Despite 4 cone penalties Alex took the win just as the drizzle started. A vote was taken among the riders to continue unless the track became unskateable. The third heat, Ben Williams against  John Nicholas was declared a re-run as Ben slid on exiting the ramp. The final round of 8 pairing saw old adversaries Sam Gordon and Pelle Gustafsson square up once again. Sam returning after a year break having become a dad. The pair opted to race and Sam took the win. Sadly the rain got harder and a halt was called on the days racing and we were not able to make the most of our 6pm extension kindly offered by the centre.

The covers are on – rain stops play.
Photo: Rob Ashby

We all went our respective ways some to the campsite or home others to their hotels. Those that were camping were treated an evening of top tunes by South Circular featuring luge racer and axeman extraordinaire Pete Davies. 

The overnight rain that was forecast thankfully failed to materialise, bright sunshine at the track made for a prompt start to proceedings. This was just as well as we still had the majority of the Hybrid to run as well as the Giant Slalom thanks to the rain the previous day. This caused Timmy a few headaches in re-jigging his running order on the other hill due the later running GS and the chicane needing to be closed off to allow for the course run out.

We continued with the A group finals first re-running Ben and John to complete the first rounds. Louis again took the ever determined Paul TC out of the running and Chris booked his place in the round of 4 as Alex DQ’d on cones. Ben hit more cones than John but his superior raw time meant he would go on to race speedy Sam not John. Sam ran fast and clean against Pelle and put an end to his podium dreams; the unfortunate Swede picked up 5 cone penalties and so was duly dispatched.  In the first heat of the Round of 4 it was experience versus youth as Louis faced Chris. Over the two heats Louis just edged Chris out into the consolation round; both were very close runs indeed. Despite incredibly close times Ben’s cone count was too great meaning Sam would face his Pavel teammate Louis in the final. In the Consolation Round third place went to Ben who beat Chris by a second over the two runs. In the final Louis took the first run by 0.08 hitting 2 cones to Sam’s one but in the second he hit three leaving Sam, who only clipped one  to claim the win by a margin of just 0.13. A truly magnificent win for Sam.

Sam was even looking good on his practice runs.
Photo: Patrick Dumont


In the A Group Round of 4 times were incredibly close. Ben Willams (15.00) vs Sam Gordon. Ben lost out due to his 5 cone penalties. Sam only picked up one.
Photo: John Nicholas

The B group as ever saw some good evenly matched close races; the standard continues to improve across the board. The LSD Crew were holding their own with both Dobie and Jim going through to the round of 8. Chris Linford didn’t race on Sunday choosing instead to set up his new board – another sale for Mr Searle! The round of four saw Paul Coupe race Dobie and the remaining Swedish racer Johan take on Richard “The One” Searle. Cones and a DQ run saw Dobie relegated to the Consolation Round where he would race Johan for third spot. Johan took the first heat by just one cone but a super slick, fast clean run by Dobie saw the returning veteran snatch the bronze medal spot with a margin of just 0.18 seconds. The final was won by Paul as Richard had hit six cones in the first run meaning he went into the final heat with over half a second to make up which was a tall order against the clean running Coupe. The last race was incredibly close and both ran clean. Paul crossed the line victorious in 16.70 and Richard in 16.78. 

Dobie in full attack mode racing Paul Coupe in the B Group Round of 4.
Photo: Mike John


B Group Final. Paul Coupe vs Richard Searle.
Photo: Mike John

The GS course had been set while the Hybrid was finishing up and so was ready begin as soon as we had moved a start ramp into place. With time being something of an issue as well as causing a bit of stress for Timmy’s running order we agreed on two practice runs and then two timed runs each,  the fastest one counting. Practice runs done and with the “Top Gear” board in the capable hands of Gavin the racing commenced on the fast course.  Louis knew he needed to go for it with Ben and Sam close on his heels. As usual the order chopped and changed but the battle for the top spot was looking tight. Ben looked good and ran clean on both runs but could only manage a best time of 24.81, Louis’ best time was his a clean run of 23.95 in his second run he incurred four cone penalties and so the on form Sam snatched the GS crown from the young pretender with his stonkingly quick clean run of 23.77.  He was indeed “The Daddy” in every sense of the word at this years Crackling.

Total commitment from Paul Borell on the fast GS course.
Photo: Mike John


Alex Lutz (GER) Just clipped that one!
Photo: Mike John


Swedish Kryptonics Brand Ambassador Pelle Gustafsson putting the his Pink and Orange Kryps to the test on Hog Hill’s smooth asphalt. “The course is too fast to use my 75mm wheels” He said.
Photo: Mike John


Louis Selby going “skin to win”. This time it just wasn’t to be.
Photo: Mike John


Sam Gordon speeding his way to GS victory.
Photo: Mike John

After the standard post race banter, a bit of “show ‘n’and tell” and the partaking of various beverages it was time to pack up the slalom road show for another day. Clouds were gathering in the distance so we made sure everything was packed up prior to the prize giving before the rains came (which they did eventually – just as we were pulling out of the centre and onto Forest Road!     

See you all back at |Hog Hill for The Razorback Games – 16th/17th July


The BIG Thanks Dept:

Sam Gordon for his top notch work in front of and behind the scenes

Michael Stride and Octane Sport for their unerring support, providing ramps, timing and prizes 

Lyn and Richard Case – for ramp storage

Andy Turner for ramp transportation and getting involved in just about everything during set up and breakdown.

Kryptonics – for the awesome wheels!

Richard Searle – for the special awards and presenting The One slalom deck to Paul Borell and the Tee to Anton.

Idle Slide Gloves

All of our other event sponsors

Louis, Chris Linford (among others) for course setting

Gavin Palfrey for timekeeping/Top Gear board work on the GS

Timmy and Louise of DAS Industries for sign up and all things longboardy
Mike John for the awesome photos and for just generally being Mike 

Ian Coles, Sylvia, Dave and all of the staff at Redbridge Cycling Centre

L ondon Ambulance Service – Essex Paramedics

Coupe Limousine Service

……And finally a special big “Thank You” to everyone that raced and helped out with set up/break-down – it always makes things easier when everyone mucks-in!

The Crackling 2016 Results

Hybrid A Group 

  1. Sam Gordon
  2. Louis Selby
  3. Ben Williams
  4. Chris Charalambous
  5. Alex Lutz (GER)
  6. Pelle Gustafsson (SWE)
  7. John Nicholas
  8. Paul Taylor Crush 

Hybrid B Group 

  1. Paul Coupe
  2. Richard Searle
  3. Dobie Campbell
  4. Johan Grundel (SWE)
  5. Anton Sundling (SWE)
  6. James Parry Jones
  7. Alec Brown
  8. Dill Hill
  9. Chris Linford
  10. Tezzan Redman (SWE)
  11. Andy Turner
  12. Andre Paro
  13. Trevor Hickey
  14. Polina Fokicheva
  15. Alex Thompson
  16. Cyprien Dumont (Qualified but DNR) 

Timekeeper: Rob Ashby

Whiteboard pen work by Sam, Alan Featherstone and Paul TC 

Giant Slalom
(Raw times – cone penalties in brackets) 

1.    Sam Gordon                              23.770           

2.    Louis Selby                                23.950           

3.    Ben Williams                             24.810           

4.    John Nicholas                           25.990           

5.    Alex Lutz (GER)                        25.610            (2)

6.    Pelle Gustafsson (SWE)         25.900            (1)

7.    Paul Borell                                 26.380           

8.    Chris Charalambous               26.450           

9.    Paul Coupe                               26.510           

10.  Richard Searle                          26.540           

11.  Trevor Hickey                            26.590           

12.  Andy Turner                              26.510            (1)

13.  Jim Parry Jones                        26.820           

14.  Andrea Paro                              26.870           

15.  Gavin Palfrey                            27.000           

15.  Alex Ireton                                 27.000           

16.  Paul Taylor Crush                    27.060           

17.  Anton Sundling (SWE)           26.530            (3)

18.  Alec Brown                                27.140           

19.  Chris Rock                                 27.250           

20.  Dill Hill                                      27.280           

21.  Tezzan Redman (SWE)          DQ      

Timekeeper: Gavin Palfrey

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The Crackling 2016 – Hog Hill 21st/22nd May

It’s now less than a month to go before the first Hog Hill event of 2016 – “The Crackling”  Top UK racers who will be joined by a few visiting Europeans will be fighting it out for the coveted podium places and prizes. We begin with head to head Hybrid Slalom on Saturday afternoon running into Sunday morning and that will then be followed up by the infamous super fast Hog Hill Giant Slalom.  

As well as Slalom there will be Downhill Racing, Luge, Freeriding, Slide events and clinics running throughout the weekend. These will be hosted and run by our event partners DAS Industries and London Longboards. In addition to the all of the above disciplines there is a flatland Freestyle jam and competition taking place on Saturday which will feature some of the best UK freestylers out there. 

Things get going from 12.30pm on Saturday and 10.00am on Sunday and run through until approximately 5.00pm each day at Hog Hill – Redbridge Cycling Centre,Forest Road, Ilford,Essex,IG6 3HP

For further information on The Crackling including registration please visit the website here: http://sam2msl.wix.com/crackling

See you all there! 

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Get Well Soon Martin Sweeney

Martin in action at Southbank in 1982 – “Southbank Tight” – 1 1/2 slab spacing meant a 20 cone course could be squeezed into the covered undercroft area. Photo – Rob Ashby

The UKSSA would like to wish UK slalom legend Martin Sweeney a speedy recovery. He is currently receiving treatment at Kings College Hospital in Denmark Hill and has recently undergone open heart surgery where his Aorta was replaced along with two valves. He will find out shortly whether it will be necessary for him to have a pacemaker fitted.

Martin was awarded a much deserved International Slalom Skateboarding Association Special Diploma at the European Championships in 2013 by ISSA President, Jani Söderhäll in recognition of setting the first ever 100 cone Guinness World Record at Brands Hatch back in 1991. The record stood for many years and was featured on BBC TV’s “Record Breakers”. The 21.779 second clean run was witnessed by presenter Roy Castle. The clip of Martin’s run can be seen on YouTube here:  https://youtu.be/voaOn_Kz2GI

“The 100 Club” at the Hog Hill European Championships, 2013 – Martin with his award centre, flanked by current World Champion and former holder of the record Joe MacLaren of the USA on his left and Latvia’s Janis Kuzmins the current record holder. Photo – Rob Ashby


Get well soon Martin – lets hope you are up and about in no time at all. Hog Hill needs you!

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Hog Hill Race Calendar 2016

The UKSSA are happy to announce this years dates for racing at Hog Hill – Redbridge Cycling Centre.  http://www.vision-rcl.org.uk/redbridge_cycle_centre.html 

 21 & 22 May 2016 – The Crackling 2016

The season opener – Dual Hybrid and Giant Slalom

The first Hog Hill event of the year is “The Crackling” which features head to head and Giant Slalom racing with some of the best of the current crop of British racers.
Freeriding, Downhill Racing, Luge, Slide events and numerous clinics will be hosted and run by our partners in crime DAS Industries and London Longboards. 

16 & 17  July 2016 – Razorback Games 2016

(Subject to confirmation)

The Skaters Olympics. Dual Hybrid and GS

+ Vintage slalom board races – “English Tight” slalom course, gauntlet style racing. (Time permitting)
Freeriding, Downhill Racing, Luge, Slide events and clinics. 

 15 & 16 October 2016 – Hogtoberfest 2016

Winter draws on!

Dual Hybrid and Giant Slalom
Plus all of the usual Freeriding, Downhill Racing, Luge, Slide events and  clinics.
End of year awards.

Make a note of these dates now!

See you at the races. 

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Hogtoberfest , Hog Hill – 10th/11th October 2015

Race report by Rob Ashby

Hogtoberfest Poster – Thank you to all of our generous sponsors.

This years Hogtoberfest was the biggest ever yet both in terms of the number of skaters taking part over the two days and in the number of generous sponsors supporting us.

Hog Hill is a popular race location for our European cousins and this time round we welcomed Victor Martensson and David Berntsson from Sweden and Frenchman Vincent Tanguy who is becoming a regular visitor to our shores these days. After the usual exchange of pleasantries over coffee and bacon sarnies we began setting up. With Sam away I was ably assisted at Race Control by Nigel Allgood who manned the netbook that Andy had lent us to run the spreadsheets on.

It’s all go at Race Control – Louis Selby vs Richard Searle in the Hybrid Round of 8.
Photo by Gavin Palfrey

As ever first up was the Hybrid after qualifying we split the riders up; the fastest 8 forming the A Group and the remaining the B. In the A Group round of eight Louis Selby would be racing Richard Searle, Victor would be up against Ben Williams, Vincent would face David Berntsson and Mmedo would race John Nicholas. 

Louis was just too quick for Richard even with his wealth of recent European race experience he could generate the speed required to get close to the UK’s No 1.
Despite close times Victor advanced to the round of 4 after Ben picked up few cone penalties in his two runs. Vincent was blisteringly fast and accordingly dispatched David who was around a second slower and incurred a number of cone penalties and in the final pairing Mmedo beat John who despite getting faster was just a little off the pace. The round of 4 would see Louis race Victor and Mmedo would face his fellow countryman Vincent. After some intensely close racing it would be Vincent and Louis that would face each other in the final and Mmedo would have to battle it out for third against Victor. Despite some amazingly close runs the three cones Louis hit over the two runs would essentially be the difference and so it was Vincent that took the 1st place in the A Group. In the consolation round the times were again exceptionally close with both riders running clean but  Mmedo just managed to edge out in front of Victor and so took third place.

Mmedo vs Vincent in the Hybrid Round of 4.
Photo by Andy Turner


Mmedo vs Vincent from another angle.
Photo by Patrick Dumont


Vincent vs Louis Final – 1st run.
Photo by Patrick Dumont


Vincent vs Louis Final – Run 2
Photo by Patrick Dumont

 After the excitement of the A Group Finals we ran straight in to the B Round of 16. Time was now getting on and I wanted to try and finish both Hybrid groups on the Saturday. Unperturbed by his recent board-snap slam at Summer Swine Stomp back in July Dobie Campbell returned to the Hill – this time to race. He was now armed with his recently acquired Pavel Paul Price Roadster which was shod with a set of trusty Lazer Slaloms and Zig Zags. It was a joy to see him pumping through the course in fine style. Again the group produced some fine racing with some great performances notably from newcomers Polina Fokicheva and Scott Hayman – both “graduates” from Louis’ Sunday Slalom School.

Polina getting to grips with the Hybrid
Photo by Rooster Josh Szabó


Scott Hayman (white course) vs Alfie Osborne B Group Hybrid
Photo by Patrick Dumont


Cyprien Dumont on his way to the B Group Final under moody skies
Photo by Andy Turner

The overall standard of racing in the B Group racing was very high and we saw some very close times, although the bottom section of the course was catching a few people out and adding decisive cone penalties to final times. In the final Cyprien Dumont would race Paul Coupe and in the consolation round the new improved aerodynamic Mk II Andy Turner would meet Trevor Baker. The first run of the final saw both riders run clean with Paul crossing the line in 16.12 just behind Cyprien on 15.61. The second run was even closer again both riders running clean this time Paul edged in front with a time of 15.69 to Cyprien’s 15.73. However the first run time had clinched it for Cyprien and so for the second time that day the French claimed another Hybrid 1st.  In the consolation round there was yet more neck and neck racing. However Andy’s cone count would be his downfall, 3 cones in each run to Trev’s solitary cone penalty saw him relegated to fourth spot while Trev stepped up to take a well deserved 3rd place. 

Andy test driving his lighter frame – his cone count meant he missed out on a podium. At the prize giving ceremony he received a special award of a D Street complete for his services to the UKSSA throughout the racing season.
Photo by Rooster Josh Szabó


Cyprien (White lane) vs Paul Coupe – B Group Hybrid Final
Photo by John Nicholas

We cleared the site in double quick time and headed off to Lambourne End. Things have changed quite a bit since we last camped there; a brand new hut has been built incorporating new showers and toilets in place of the tumbledown hut and insect populated toilets/showers.  The campsite is also now accessed via a very narrow sleeper bridge – a long wheelbase Transit is not the best thing to get across it but Andy did a fine job squeezing it through.  After pitching our tents Andy, John Nicholas and I headed over to Better Extreme in Barking for the evening session. As is often the case we pretty much had the bowl to ourselves and were joined by Christine Maier and Toria Jaymes for a rad little sesh.


The organiser (and author) gets his skate on at the evening session at Better Extreme, Barking
Photo by Andy Turner

John Nicholas, Frontside Air, Better Extreme evening session
Photo by Andy Turner

On arrival back at the campsite the spangly shiny new hut was doing a good job of accommodating many a drunken grom. Ben Stainer could be seen trying to keep on top of the mounting detritus busying himself pushing a broom around the mud and booze spattered floor. Seconds later there was a crash and much wailing as someone had accidentally dropped an entire mug of tea right where he was trying to sweep; I decided to leave them to it and headed for the relative quiet and sanity of John’s V-Dub – quiet that was apart from the classic tunes coming from the stereo – The Dead Kennedys, The Clash even The Higsons; “top choons” as I believe the yoof say these days? After a quick cuppa it was time to turn in and leave the groms cultivate their hangovers with various noxious concoctions.

After a chilly start the sun emerged and beamed down on the myriad of squinting hung-over faces hanging out of tents. The hut was now a veritable hive of activity as the clean-up team set to work restoring it to it’s former glory whilst a seemingly never ending line of pale, pasty and in some cases seedy looking skaters queued at the urn for boiling water for life restoring tea, coffee and err….soup!

Good Morning Campers…….Hi Di Hi!
Photo by Rob Ashby

We packed our tents up and loaded the van which Andy then managed to manoeuvre back out across the rickety bridge without alarming the trolls underneath and so we headed off for day two. On arrival at Hog Hill the access barrier at the entrance was still down. However for Caterham owners this proved to present no problem to access at all as we observed Michael “limbo” underneath with inches to spare. Pete Davies on the other hand chose to take his VW camper cross country and skirted around the barrier. We just waited patiently for it to be raised. 

With the large number of heats to be run on the main hill for other disciplines we were under pressure to get things on the GS hill finished by 1 o’clock so that the chicane that links the two hills could be opened up for the downhill racing.  A fairly gusty head wind was blowing as the practice session got underway and it showed little sign of abating when the actual racing began. Times fluctuated with the wind conditions and riders soon began choosing their optimum moment to launch themselves from the ramp in an attempt to shed valuable tenths of a second from their times. Vincent’s first run had been clean and super quick his 21.56 became the time to beat. Louis came close with 22.15 but picked up two cone penalties, each cone penalty added .2 of a second. Mmedo put in 22.66 but like his Pavel teammate he also picked up cone penalties – four in all! Joe Baldwin was really going for it, after his first run he opted for the Lycra suit in an attempt to shave a few seconds off his previous time and it worked – he put in a clean run 22.16. On his final run he pulled out all of the stops and went for broke, swapping his conventional helmet for a streamlined downhill one but ended up putting in a marginally slower time? Try as he might Louis was struggling to run clean and in the end had to settle for his first run time with the two cone penalties making his final time 22.55.  So it was then that Vincent added the GS crown to the Hybrid one that he had picked up on Saturday, Joe took second place, Louis 3rd and Victor (22.59) just edged Mmedo (22.63) into 5th place.

Jim “Nutsac” Parry Jones Stylin’ through the GS
Photo by Rooster Josh Szabó


Dobie – Style is everything.
Photo by Rooster Josh Szabó


Victor Martensson blazing on the Hog Hill Tarmac
Photo by Rooster Josh Szabó


Victor’s Teammate David Berntsson getting a taste of the Hog Hill GS course
Photo by Rooster Josh Szabó


Is it the Green Goblin? No it’s Lycraman Joe Baldwin – Look out Sam!
Photo by Rooster Josh Szabó


Going round the bend – he led with his 1st run time the eventual winner of the Hogtoberfest GS Vincent .
Photo by Rooster Josh Szabó

At the prize giving ceremony there were special awards of Cult Wheels to both Polina and Scott for their performances in the weekends competition, Dobie was awarded a set of Road Rider wheels for “Best Beef” at Summer Swine Stomp and a D Street complete was awarded to Andy Turner for “Services to the UKSSA”. He has transported the ramps to Hog Hill throughout the year as well as providing his netbook at short notice to use for the Hybrid timekeeping which save a lot of grief.

 As ever a massive thank you goes out to Michael Stride and Octane Sport for their support of all things slalom.

Big Thanks Dept. –  DAS Industries – Timmy, Hannah and Louise for all of their hard work both behind the scenes and throughout the weekend, to Andy “Transit” Turner, Nigel “Fingers” Allgood for assistance with timing, Mmedo “Chalk” Duffort and Louis “String” Selby for course setting and Paul “Wires” Coupe for help with the timing system and to all of the usual suspects for mucking in and getting things moving – many hands make light work!
Thanks also to all of our  uber generous sponsors; everyone at Kryptonics, Half Dead Skateboards – Lee Bryan and UK Rep Stewart Savage, Seismic Skate Systems – for the Race Spreadsheets, Van Dem/Lush/Cult, Shiner & D Street Longboards, Mindless Longboards, One Tree and all of our other brilliant supporters.
St John’s Ambulance – London Region for patching people up, Ian Coles and all of the wonderful staff at Redbridge Cycling Centre for continuing to welcome us back, Lambourne End Centre for Outdoor Learning, The Camp Clean Up Squad for doing such a good job on the hut that deposit actually came back this time!, to Lyn and Richard Case for use of the stable for ramp storage and last but by no means least to all of you wonderful people that came and took part – thank you.

 Hogtoberfest Slalom Results


A Group

  1. Vincent Tanguy
  2. Louis Selby
  3. Mmedo Duffort
  4. Victor Martensson
  5. Ben Williams
  6. John Nicholas
  7. David Berntsson
  8. Richard Searle


B Group

  1. Cyprien Dumont
  2. Paul Coupe
  3. Trevor Baker
  4. Andy Turner
  5. Dobie Campbell
  6. Graham Driver
  7. Alec Brown
  8. Scott Hayman
  9. Alfie Osborne
  10.  Trevor Hickey
  11.  Mark Phelps
  12.  Luke Baxter
  13.  Dill Hill
  14. Polina Fokicheva
  15. Gavin Palfrey
  16. Chris Skalowske


Giant Slalom

  1. Vincent Tanguy 21.56
  2. Joe Baldwin 22.16
  3. Louis Selby 22.55
  4. Victor Martensson 22.59
  5. Mmedo Duffort 22.63
  6. Ben Williams 23.69
  7. David Berntsson 24.57
  8. John Nicholas 24.68
  9. Richard Searle 24.69
  10. Paul Coupe 25.25
  11. Seb Price 25.34
  12. Andy Turner 25.80
  13. Chris Charalambous 25.88
  14. Trevor Hickey 26.00
  15. Paul Borrell 26.43
  16. Jim Parry Jones 26.46
  17. Dill Hill 26.76
  18. Gavin Palfrey 26.83
  19. Alec Brown 26.91
  20. Dobie Campbell 27.30
  21. Scott Hayman 27.74
  22. Chris Skalowske 27.98
  23. Alfie Osborne 28.68
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