New Pavel Skateboards website now online

A German company, sponsoring the best of British racing, is now back online with the latest tools for speed.

Owner, Donald Campbell, in his own words:

Pavel started out as an idea spawned into real life in 1983. Tired of listening to my buddies talking about board-building. I took up the idea and went for it. The first boards were a success and my move as a local board-builder for shops brought me into a small shop in my hometown where I ended up building boards for customers on a daily base. After half a year I moved on to produce the first boards for Titus in Germany.

At that time Pavel was born with such elite team-riders as Anders Tellen and Martin Wagner. Well, it only lasted 1 year and was the coolest company Germany had to offer at that time with the coolest team you could possibly imagine, it outsold Titus for a short time and the collapse of the young company was due to the fact of my inexperience.

A few years ago I got back in the whole board deal and decided to receive what has been a love of my heart.

6 years ago Pavel emerged first as a producer of race decks, quickly taking over the rest of the world, collecting trophies everywhere, we got it all: the best boards for racing ever, the best riders, the biggest titles. I prefer to say we, because anything done or achieved should always be seen as a team effort.

Pavel is a collaboration of minds and ideas striving to bring out the best possible. It’s about life and attitude, where we always try to be true to the heart and we won’t commit to any kind of trend-we create trends!

When it comes to racing meet our team across the world and go out with them for a session-just make sure it’s good times.
We don’t sell an image!
We are only interested in skateboarding!

Ride on.

UK Riders include Paul Price, Ella Roggero, Louis Selby and Sam Gordon

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