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Taken from posts on NCDSA UK Forum By Mick Reiss (in Hradec Kralove, CZ. )
Day 1. GS. light drizzle all morning, then it really started to pour down and people started going back to their hotels… then it stopped raining and there was a mad rush to get back and try and squeeze in a race before it got dark Some people had zero practice runs and there was only one run to record a time. Also we were only using the bottom half of the original course so it was too slow.. lots of arguments…

So in a botched GS race, Joe Mclaren utterly demolished the rest of the field. Louis did the best of the brits only just behind behind Richy Carrasco.

Day 2. TS (flat) Louis top brit again – he made the last 16.
Big controversy right at the end – Janis vs Joe Mclaren. Organisers claimed Janis hit 3 cones but Janis denied it. The cone marshals were unbelievably incompetent – I suspect Janis didn’t hit the cones at all.
Update: slow motion video replay shows that Janis did hit three cones after all and so Joe is new tight slalom World Champion by 0.01 seconds!
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