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New 100 Cone World Record Set

Congratulations to Janis Kuzmins of Latvia on setting a new100 Cone World Record of 20.77 on Sunday 12th September. Details and photos can be found here:

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Wentzle Quiver Rationalisation

  Many of you may have already seen Joe Iacovelli’s recent post on Facebook. If not, then here’s a copy: “FOR MY SKATER FRIENDS – OG ZBoy Wentzle Ruml IV lost his lease and needs to liquidate 30 years of skate gear. A few vintage items, his Deathbox proto’s, Bulldogs, slalom, longboards, trucks and wheels. […]

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Dutch Open Slalom Pictures

Organised by Flavio and the Dutch slalom crew on the cycle circuit at the Sloten Sports Park over the 3-5th September 2010. Let’s do this thing! Follow the link here for the pictures from the Dutch Slalom Series Year 4:

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Dutch Open Slalom Championships, Amsterdam 3rd – 5th September 2010: Race Report

Race Report By Rob (with contributions from Paul Price) The Dutch Open Slalom Championships was the 4th race in the Amsterdam Slalom Series to be held at the Sloten Sportpark on the cycle track adjacent to the Velodrome. This time Team GB comprised Rob, Sam, Jon Merrifield, Paul Price and Ella Rogerro (and two friends […]

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German Open Slalom Pictures

Organised by Pavel’s Donald Campbell and the Gang of Germany on the banks of the Rhine in Dusseldorf. Follow the link here:

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GOG German Open Championships – Düsseldorf, 21st – 22nd August 2010: Race Report

Race Report by Rob Ashby (with contributions from Paul Price) Team GB, Rob Ashby, Sam Gordon, Louis Selby and Paul Price travelled to compete in the GOG German Open Championships – an outlaw race held in Düsseldorf. Paul travelled out on Thursday night and picked up a rental car and checked on our accommodation at the […]

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British Open Slalom Championships – Hog Hill, 6th – 8th August 2010

Race Report by Rob Unfortunately unfavourable weather reports for London on the continent put our European cousins off making the trip over for this years British Open Championships. We did however manage one European representative Jeroen Steggink from Leiden in Holland – one of the infamous Amsterdam crew! Friday began with registration for the racers […]

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