London Longboards Meet & Greet – Hyde Park 30 October 2010

Bruno at Hyde Park

London Longboards: Meet & Greet

Great chance for everyone to congregate in a central spot. 
Beginners are also very welcome, plenty of boards to have a go on, especially if you’re undecided about what board to get.

Meet at the serpentine from 12, should be skating till it gets dark.

Look forward to seeing you all.

Facebook link:


Halloween Special!

…and in the evening there is now this:

ninja halloween skate through central london!!/event.php?eid=123802547677949&index=1

This starts right after the meet and greet !
Due to popular demand we’ve decided to embrace the Halloween spirit and throw some fancy dress into the meet and greet. Come dressed as a ninja, i.e All black. NOT Orange like Naruto. Mask as well if you’re keen. WE ARE FILMING A VIRAL VIDEO.
A bit like this:

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  1. Posted October 31, 2010 at 2:59 pm | Permalink

    Had an awesome time despite the weather being unable to make up its mind!

  2. SamG
    Posted October 31, 2010 at 6:07 pm | Permalink

    Pictures here:

    Meet and greet rendez-vous 01

    The weather actually brought everyone together. Around midday there were skater drift elements with passing polite conversation. Once the rain kicked in everyone dashed to share the nearest shelter under one of the Serpentine-side trees. Now they had common ground to rail against – blimmin’ precipitation!

    Whilst under this dripping encampment, a skate around the Park was planned, Louis and Bruno gave a masterclass in freestyle and Paul Coupe gave a visual history lesson on OG Z-Boy Wentle Ruml. Blader Naomi made an appearance, told us of her recent move to Seattle and of her plans to hook up with the longboard crowd over there. Joining the ‘Dark Side,’ she said.

    We set up a single lane straight slalom to test the damp surface, at a spacing distance of 5 1/2 ft. Of course there were traction problems, but by the late afternoon there was a dry surface and the course could be ripped.

    Once darkness fell the Ninjas appeared. No-one knows quite where they were headed, but there was a bloody trail of corpses at least as far as Waterloo.
    A very aggressive ‘Po’ was blamed.

    Meet & greet 02 Meet & greet 03 Meet & greet 06 Meet & greet 04

    Meet & greet 05

    Pictures here:

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