Skaters wanted for TV Science Show

Do skaters have transferable skills? A new science show wants skateboarders over the age of 16 to make contact for assessment.


Always had that niggling feeling you could have done something a bit more fulfilling with your life?

Did your childhood dreams of an exciting career fall by the way side when life got in the way?

Well this might be the opportunity you’ve been waiting for.

A new ground breaking science TV programme is going to uncover the astonishing world of latent ability – a natural talent you’re born with that unless identified may go undiscovered forever. However, if revealed and nurtured, this gift could open up a whole new world of opportunity and change your life forever. We’re looking to hear from anyone who would like to find out if they have to potential to excel within one of the following areas: MUSIC / DANCE / EXTREME SPORTS / ART / LANGUAGES

To apply please email:

The closing date for entries is 1st November 2010. This could be your opportunity to reveal something amazing about yourself.

** Please note: no prior experience or training is needed. As part of the programme you will be asked to undertake a selection of scientific experiments and successful candidates may have to spend 6 months away from home in 2011. **

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