So Cal Outlaw Race Weekend in San Diego California 16-17 October, 2010

Race Report by Maria Carrasco:

Saturday – Loretta – GS single lane / Saturday night Slalom symposium at Pizza Port Carlsbad
Sunday – Pump Station – GS and Hybrid

Race Wrap Up Report: Saturday’s event started off with gray skies & drizzle in the morning but things dried up and it was on! Killer fast and gnar racing on the steep Loretta hill! Richy Carrasco was leading the pack consistently fastest through all four runs to claim the number one spot. Brent Kosick and Adam Schwippert (all the way from Vermont) battled it out for 2nd place with Brent taking it by only 100th of a second. Ryan Ricker wasn’t far behind in 4th.

Stoked to see some relative newcomers to the slalom racing scene – Peter Kell and Key Dougherty – charging and having fun. Props to our starter Chris Yandall and Brickner’s pal Teak for running the timer & keeping score and of course to Lynn Kramer for providing the timing system and setup.

Too bad the rain came back on Sunday — and this time came to stay — forcing us to call the Pump Station event and retire to Chili’s for some dry indoor fun. The positive vibe from our epic day at Loretta (and later Pizza Port) carried over even through the rain cancellation.

Final Results: Day 1 – Loretta Giant Slalom – Saturday Oct 16
1st – Richy Carrasco (25.90)
2nd – Brent Kosick (26.52)
3rd – Adam Schwippert (26.53)
4th – Ryan Ricker (26.87)
5th – Michael Kaelon (27.04)
6th – Lynn Kramer (27.49)
7th – Peter Kell (28.30)
8th – Tim Kienitz (28.47)
9th – Pat Brickner (29.11)
10th- Key Dougherty (32.02)

Pictures here: So Cal Outlaw Racing

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