Stolen skate gear – Can you help?

Hey guys, I’d really appreciate if you could read this and if possible circulate it. My stoke spreading has got me ruined 🙁

Originally posted on Sat, Nov 27, 2010 at 4:20 AM by Marcus Jenkins:

I’ve posted on Lush and silverfish and really don’t know what to do other than let people know. I don’t want this guy stealing from anyone else:

So I was in Brixton Skatepark, bump into a really cool american guy that’s dropped his wallet/passport and is hanging around/skating until 4pm when he can go to the bus depot and check lost and found. So we hang out and I leave him my number in case he’s stuck.

He rings me later that night and takes up my offer. So he stays at mine until his bank can courier new cards to him on friday, we just chill and skate for a couple of days. On thursday, I’m so excited that my new INDeeSZ have arrived that I leave my spooky at a bus stop and it gets nicked 🙁

The next day, his cards are due to arrive but I’ve gotta get down the skatepark to meet someone. Now this is gonna sound real stupid but we’ve bonded and I trust the guy. I leave him at home to get his cards and the plan is he’ll come buy a deck from JT or Brixton Cycles then meet in the park. He shouldn’t have been later than 2, but I wait until 3 for him.

Get home, my laptop, ipod, SURF-RODZ are gone, along with his bags… All I have left is my clothes. He also took cameras, GPS etc. from my housemates.

The trucks were an early Xmas present from my mum, I’d never be able to afford them. He knew this, he also knew my laptop was my livelyhood

His name is JJ, he’s from Arizona, he’s bald, always wears white addidas. Please contact me if you hear/see anything:  Marcus Jenkins

Thanks, Marcus

Surf Rodz

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