Price on form at Slalom St. Louis #9

Congratulations to Paul Price for a great performance at Slalom St. Louis last weekend.

Still flying the flag in the US of A. Very well done.

Paul Price vs Jonathan Harms, photo by Steve Pedersen

Slalom St Louis #9 Results

Hybrid slalom, single lane

(Top 16)
1. Jonathan Harms
2. Keith Hollien
3. Paul Price
4. Lou Statman
5. Steve Pederson
6. Tod Oles
7. Joe Behm
8. Jason Yerke
9. Lynn Kramer
10. Derek Yerke
11. Paul Graf
12. Chris Favero
13. Jeremy Coffman
14. Marcos Soulsby-Monroy
15. Bobby Thomas
16. Evan Tolley

Hybrid Slalom, Dual Tight Slalom

(Top 8, Group A – Pro)
1. Paul Price
2. Jonathan Harms
3. Lou Statman
4. Keith Hollien
5. Steve Pederson
6. Jason Yerke
7. Derek Yerke
8. Tod Oles


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