UKSSA British Championships 2011 – Congratulations to Louis Selby

Congratulations to Louis “Slipa” Selby on winning this year’s UKSSA British Championships. Louis is sponsored by Pavel/GOG, Octane Sport, Cult and Pistache Clothing. Despite
picking up an ankle injury at Bo Peep early in the season, Louis fought hard against stiff competition from the ever improving Pig City racers as well as his good friend and fellow Octane/Pavel team-mate Bruno Oliveira. Points were awarded to all racers throughout the year using the ISSA scoring system – we may try and adopt something a bit better for the 2012 season?

Place Name Points
1st Louis Selby 860
2nd Bruno Silva de Oliveira 725
3rd Mike Allison 564

Louis Selby with Pavel Skates Owner and Team Captain Donald Campbell


This year saw 52 riders competing during the season with a few newcomers joining our ranks, which is always encouraging to see, we must be doing something right? The most
enjoyable event for me and probably my highlight of the year was The Rush, racing at Brands Hatch again. It was so good to see so many old faces back on Hawthorn Hill; I can’t wait for next year!

Details of the 2012 race calendar will be announced early next year.

 2011 British Championships – Final Results

Place Name Points
1st Louis Selby 860
2nd Bruno Silva de Oliveira 725
3rd Mike Allison 564
4th Sam Gordon 394
5th Mmedo 1848 Duffort 330
6th Rob Ashby 296
7th Ben Williams 293
8th Jack Taylor Crush 229
9th Sam Slaven 220
10th Paul Coupe 207
11th Jon Merrifield 187
12th Paul Taylor Crush 163
13th Tim Neal 133
14th Ian Sutherland Cranfield 131
15th Chris Charalambous 122
16th Terry St. George 117
17th Luke Baxter 108
18th Andy Makeham 107
19th Dave Hillier 103
20th Steve “Conan” Greenwood 99
21st Michael Stride 95
22nd James “Nutsac” Parry Jones 94
23rd Nigel Allgood 83
24th Harry Phelps 80
25th Jack Corpes 77
26th Graham Driver 74
27th Tony Lord 72
28th John Nicholas 70
29th Pat Holden 69
30th Manny Ewui 66
31st Lee Tilbury 60
=32nd Jason Martin 56
=32nd Richard Norbury 56
33rd Paul Keleher 55
34th Trevor Baker 48
35th Joe Boyle 46
36th Miles Murphy 45
37th Edwin Brockman 41
=38th Frank Wheeler 40
=38th Richard Searle 40
39th Michelle Auer 37
40th Jamie Tharpe 36
=41st Mike Fish 32
=41st Hameed Hassan 32
=42nd Dominic Barette 29
=42nd Johnny Rehab 29
43rd Naomi Grigg 26
44th Lance Martins 24
45th Justin “Pasty” Ashby 16
46th Emi Suzuki 10
48th Matt Clarke 5
47th Cookie 8
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