Hog Hill Open Season 2012 Review

Bruno VS Louis Hybrid Open Season 01

Thank the blimmin’ Heavens it didn’t rain!!!

With the return of Paul Price back from the States, it looked like the Bruno and Louis duopoly of UK racing was set for a shake up. However, his legs all charged up from carving Utah powder rather than London blacktop, Paul was on the back foot against the local duo. Once again it was the Clash of the Titans as Louis was forced it to second place by the narrowest of margins by the Brazilian’s faster, and final, second run.

Now that Mike Allison had been sidelined down in Brighton, the new Pig City threat came from Mmedo Duffort. He quickly despatched Sam Gordon in the round of eight to eventually meet up with Price in the consolation round. The latter’s seasoned racing skills put pay to the South Coast Invasion; with Mmedo ploughing cones on the lower offset section of the course on his first run, easily handing Paul the final spot on the podium. Nevertheless, the Frenchman showed that there is a new challenger in the mix to join Harry Phelps and Jack Corpes’ assault on unseating the Old Guard.

Open Season 2012 A Group

Running an ‘A’ Group bracket of just eight racers meant that we could run a larger ‘B’ Group of twenty-four. More skating, more rivalry.

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