European Championships – Important Information for Competitors

Courses will be set by one home and two visiting racers on Thursday before the racing and Finished on Friday morning as necessary. The courses once set WILL NOT be open for skating before the race days. We have access to the circuit for course setting only on Thursday 1st August; the track will be open to the public for cycling.

Courses will be set according to ISSA Rules: 

“8.8 Course Setting

The race organizer is responsible for setting the course. The method used shall be clearly stated in the race sanction application (who will set the course, description of course, when will course be set, etc.).

The course setter(s), or one or two riders they select, may briefly ride a race course while setting it to ensure that the course is suitable for the event. However, such testing must be kept to an absolute minimum. Any other practicing or training on the race course before the event, except during

the official pre-race warm-up/practice session, is strictly prohibited.” 

Each racer will be limited to 1 practice run on each lane for dual courses and 2 runs on the GS. Each practice run taken will be marked off on the rider. Anyone who thinks it is clever to try and “sneak” extra practice runs or skate down the hill and cut in halfway down the course will be penalised with a DQ. 

Time and weather being favourable we will run groups of 32 with byes as necessary so everyone gets to race.  Juniors and Women will likely as not be run as groups of 16. 

DQ will be 10% of the total cones for the Pro’s

All other classes will be 9 + 1 = DQ 

Qualifying will be done in reverse ISSA Ranking Order 

Pro’s will race a separate Pro Tight Slalom course. 

GS will be 2 runs – Combined time. 

Pro Prize Purse, this will be awarded for the overall racers as follows: 

Pro Men

 1   €500

2   €400

3   €300

4   €250

5   €200

6   €150

7   €100

8    €50 

Total €1,950.00 


1   €300

2   €200

3   €100 

Total €600

 Total prize money €2,550.00


There is an area adjacent to the dual racing hill which can be used to set up a practice/warm up course and we will provide some cones for riders to do this.

 Due to the number of racers competing we will be ever conscious of the time factor therefore we ask that all riders ensure they know when they are racing  and they are at the start and ready to race when their group starts. We will make regular announcements during racing to keep people informed. 

There will be a second slave screen set up for racers to check their times and we will also be providing print outs which will be prominently displayed. Only racers and officials will be permitted access to the starting area. 

Racers will be issued with a racer ID badge on a lanyard. This badge will have your name, nationality and racer class printed on it as well as containing your three lunch vouchers. So please don’t lose it – you could always hang it around your neck? 

The Hog Hill Café will be open for the duration of the racing and serves a wide range of reasonably priced hot and cold food and drink. 

We are allowing freeriding on other parts of Hog Hill while the dual racing is taking place on Friday and Saturday. Racers are welcome to join in the freeriding when they are not racing.  

On Saturday evening we have arranged for a session at Rom Skatepark. Rom is one of the few ’70s skateparks still left standing in theUK. It was built in 1978 and features a Classic Pool, (now showing its age but still very skateable), a Performance Bowl, Snake Run, Moguls, Four Leaf Clover bowls, Halfpipe, Slalom Run and Freestyle Area. There is also an indoor area with a variety of ramps, curved wall rides, jump box, flat banks, grind boxes and quarter-pipes.

We will be using the Slalom Run for a fun ’70s-style slalom race and we hope to have some suitable old set ups to use.

Any skater that wishes to skate the park will need to pay for the session, which I understand has just recently gone up from £5 to £7. 

There will two 7 seater’s available, one kindly provided by Andy Turner and one hired by the UKSSA, for transporting those in need to and from Hog Hill to Rom – Rom to campsite. 

For more information on Rom go to:


European Championship Schedule

(All times are subject to change) 

The race will be run in accordance with ISSA Rules.

 Friday 2nd August

 9.00 am – Registration/waiver signing/accreditation

 9.30 am – Welcome & Main Rider briefing

 10.00 am – Tight slalom practice begins – one run on each course only (to be marked off on skaters wristband?)

 PLEASE NOTE: If more time is needed for the Pro’s to arrive, to ensure they don’t miss out we will consider starting the practice runs with the Ams. Otherwise we plan to limit practice sessions to those about to race only.

 Pro’s will have their own tight course

 10.45 am – Tight qualification and racing. Pro’s will run first then the rest.

 1.00 pm – Lunch Break

 2.00 pm –Tight Slalom – Ams, Women, Masters & Juniors through till close.

 Saturday 3rd August

 9.00 am – Rider Briefing.

 9.15 am – Hybrid slalom practice begins – one run on each course only (to be marked off on skaters wristbands?)

 10.30 am –Begin Hybrid qualification and racing. Pro’s will run first

 1.00 pm – Lunch Break

 2.00 pm – Hybrid Slalom – Am’s, Women, Master’s & Juniors through till close.

 Sunday 4th August

 9.00 am – Rider Briefing

 9.15 am – Giant Slalom practice begins – just two practice runs on the course only (to be marked off on skater’s wristband?)

 10.30 am – GS. Pro’s will run first.

 1.30 pm – Lunch Break

 2.30 – 3.15 pm approx – Awards Ceremony/prize giving

 3.15 pm (Approx) – Farewells – Day ends early allowing those with flights etc to depart early.

 If bad weather affects the racing we will have to amend the schedule as best as we can in order to get some results.

If the worst happens and rain stops play then we will position on qualifying times. If it clears up then we run Pros first. If we progress half way through the Pros and it starts to rain again, then we return to using qualifying times, no matter who has beaten who.

We really do not want to see any events dropped due to bad weather so if we all think positively then it will not rain!

 Some skaters will be in this pub (a short walk from the campsite) on Thursday and Friday evening – if you intend to eat there it is best to phone ahead and book as it gets very busy in the evenings especially at weekends: 

Miller & Carter Steakhouse (Chigwell)

Manor Road,



RM4 1NH 

Tel: 020 8500 7712


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