Slalom Returns to Southbank – LLSB One Year On

The UKSSA were asked if we could put on a slalom jam as part of the Long Live Southbank “One Year On” Anniversary. We of course said yes and were accordingly allocated a slot at the start of the day and with Octane Sport kindly providing the timing and prizes from sponsors Kryptonics we were all set.

Jim Slater with Mike John on chase camera. (Thanks to Dave Wilson for the Photo)

While others in the Galaxy were celebrating “Star Wars” day numbers were joining the army of volunteers preparing for the days events at Southbank – the force here was strong, very strong! Crowds were also gathering for the Spanish food and wine festival being held along the riverside adding to the general hustle of the place.
Given the now limited space at Southbank for slalom we opted for a conventional 5ft(ish) centre, single lane straight course of 14 cones. The jam format meant riders had unlimited runs in the allotted hour, the riders’ fastest clean run would be counted. Kryptonics were sponsoring the jam and Star Trac wheels would be awarded for the fastest clean runs in each of the three classes Novice, Am and Master (45+). Michael marked the course with a reworking of the old Benjyboard classic “Skull and Crossbones” stencil and set the timing.

Our Pillar!

At 12 o’clock the jam began and crowds – some with glasses and bottles of wine in hand- pressed against the railings to gain a good vantage point. Louis and Harry were providing great entertainment as each tore through the course trying to better the others time. As the session went on everyone was getting faster and faster and wowing the onlookers, clean runs being cheered and hit cones met with “Ah’s”. A few of the “Old Guard” experienced the hallowed urethane polished slabs up close and personal with Patrick, Gavin and Paul Coupe among those taking a slam. Others, who will remain nameless, chose to go down in more spectacular style taking out the timing clock or piling into a photographer taking out their tripod and camera bringing a few “Ooo’s” from the spectators.

We announced the last run for anyone that wanted one final chance to improve their time and bought the session to a close. With customary efficiency the timing and course were cleared while I worked out the final standings.

Other than a few of the LLSB crew who chose to pull out and “Ollie the Clock” at the end of the course and therefore neither complete the course or register a time and a young chap on a Penny board who scooted through there were no serious novice attempts therefore the prize would go to the Ams.

Louis Selby put in the fastest time of the day with 3.480 but being a Pro racer was out of the running for a fastest time. Harry Phelps was the fastest Am with a time of 3.512 and second fastest with a very impressive performance and showing those Hyde Park sessions are paying dividends was Amaury Dumont with a time of 3.952 both winning a set of 60mm Blue Kryptonics. In the Masters it was Chris Charalambous that took top spot with an impressive 4.341 winning a set of 60mm Reds. True to customary “skater-time” form (officially designated as three hours before “Floyd time”) pitched up with 15 minutes of the jam remaining, hit a cone with his first run and set his fastest time with his second, impressive stuff from one of Southbank’s OG slalomers.

To the Victors the Spoils. L – R, Harry Phelps, Chris Charalambous, Amaury Dumont, Photo – Rob.

With prizes awarded it was time for the serious business of socialising with friends old and new, soaking up the atmosphere, enjoying the various demos and basking in the afternoon sun.

Group Shot by Thane’s Keith Martin. Thank you.

Thanks to Henry, Rod and all the LLSB Crew for a great day, to all of you that that took part, to Michael Stride and Octane Sport for logistical support and timing and finally to Kryptonics for the prizes.

Long Live Southbank -London Skates Dominate   

 Slalom Jam – Fastest Clean Times.


Louis Selby                             3.480

Harry Phelps                          3.512

Amaury Dumont                   3.952

Chris Charalambous            4.341

Paul Coupe                              4.672

Mark Phelps                            4.684

Jim Slater                                 4.824

Cyprien Dumont                    4.831

Didier Lambert                       4.925

Alec Brown                               4.980

Patrick Dumont                       5.065

Gavin Palfrey                            5.182

Richard Searle                         5.695

Dave Boyle                                7.530 

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