Turn & Burn @ Paddle Round the Pier Festival, Hove Lawns 5th – 6th July 2014

Tony addressing the racers.

This years Turn & Burn began under cloudy skies but despite that it remained warm and dry except for one little short shower, but undeterred the racing went on. Saturday began with the Tight slalom and after a fairly relaxed morning practice session by lunchtime qualifying was underway. Pig Citylocals Mmedo Duffort and Ben Williams were racing well and were putting in some good times against Harry and Louis. Unfortunately Harry took a tumble while in the round of 4 and made quite a mess of his finger and required a visit to A & E which meant the final would have to be delayed until Sunday before the Hybrid. 

Mick Reiss dropped in on the latter stages of the day to say hello and catch up with everyone .  He even took a few runs through the cones proving he is still a force to be reckoned with.

Harry – Down and out of the running!

With Harry out injured and unable to continue on Sunday the Final for the Tight was decided on the results in the bag This meant that 1st place went to Louis with Harry in 2nd.

Sam joined the racers for Sunday’s Hybrid having been unable to make the racing on Saturday. He was on good form and proving a worthy adversary in the absence of the quickening Harry. He skated his way through into the round of 4 and went on to face Pavel Teamate Louis in the final. The consolation round was a re-run of the day before with Mmedo and Ben fighting it out for 3rd and 4th place respectively. Despite his best efforts and putting in two fast clean runs Sam couldn’t quite find the extra gear to pull out enough against Louis, the overall margin of 0.322 and another victory for half of the Twin Terror.

 Big Thanks to thePigCityCrew, Octane Sport, Ocean Sports and Kryptonics.



1          Louis Selby

2          Harry Phelps

3          Mmedo Duffort

4          Ben Williams

5          Paul Taylor Crush

6          Paul Coupe

7          John Nicholas

8          Toby Newman

9          Tony Lord

10        Mark Phelps

11        Andy Turner

12        Daniel?

13        Richard Searle

14        Rob Ashby

15        Andrea Paro

16        Alec Brown



1          Louis Selby

2          Sam Gordon

3          Mmedo Duffort

4          Ben Williams

5          Paul Coupe

6          John Nicholas

7          Richard Searle

8          Mark Phelps

9          Tony Lord

10        Andy Turner

11        Gavin Palfrey

12        Alec Brown

13        Andrea Paro

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