Martin Sweeney Memorial Trophy Tight Slalom Race at Summer Swine Stomp 14/15 July 2018

This years Summer Swine Stomp sees a change from the usual schedule in order to accommodate the running of the inaugural Martin Sweeney Memorial Race. Martin was a true UK slalom legend and the first person to set a record for skating 100 cones. The UKSSA will be celebrating Martin’s incredible talent with an annual old school Tight Slalom race for the Martin Sweeney Trophy made by the very talented Bryn Nulty of Flaming Flamingo Forge. The first of these will be run over the weekend of 14th/15th July at the Summer Swine Stomp event.
The race is sponsored by Octane Sport, Kryptonics Wheels, Dwindle Distribution, Etnies, Pavel Skates and Supreme.

The format will be timed runs on an old school style single lane Tight Slalom course. The course will be set using the whole width of the small hybrid hill and is intended to be fun but challenging course. We will have a final on Sunday featuring the top 10 fastest riders. Members of Martin’s family will be present to award the trophy on Sunday.
We will still run the usual GS on Sunday morning and time/weather permitting we may try and shoehorn in a head to head hybrid gauntlet race or similar?

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