Martin Sweeney Memorial Trophy Tight Slalom Race at Summer Swine Stomp 14/15 July 2018

This years Summer Swine Stomp sees a change from the usual schedule in order to accommodate the running of the inaugural Martin Sweeney Memorial Race. Martin was a true UK slalom legend and the first person to set a record for skating 100 cones. The UKSSA will be celebrating Martin’s incredible talent with an annual old school Tight Slalom race for the Martin Sweeney Trophy made by the very talented Bryn Nulty of Flaming Flamingo Forge. The first of these will be run over the weekend of 14th/15th July at the Summer Swine Stomp event.
The race is sponsored by Octane Sport, Kryptonics Wheels, Dwindle Distribution, Etnies, Pavel Skates and Supreme.

The format will be timed runs on an old school style single lane Tight Slalom course. The course will be set using the whole width of the small hybrid hill and is intended to be fun but challenging course. We will have a final on Sunday featuring the top 10 fastest riders. Members of Martin’s family will be present to award the trophy on Sunday.
We will still run the usual GS on Sunday morning and time/weather permitting we may try and shoehorn in a head to head hybrid gauntlet race or similar?

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Summer Swine Stomp 14/15 July 2018 – UKSSA Celebrates 10th Anniversary Racing at Hog Hill

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The Crackling 2018 – Year X, Hog Hill – 14th/15th April 2018

Saturday’s testing Hybrid course Photo:Rob Ashby

Race report by Rob Ashby

This year marks the UKSSA’s 10th anniversary holding races at Hog Hill. We have Sam Gordon to thank for initially getting our foot in the door through his cycling connections. The UKSSA were actually the first organisation to hold an event at the centre on 20th July 2008 before it had even been finished.  At that time only the top oval had been completed, the rest of the circuit was just rolled hardcore still awaiting the top surface to be laid. For that inaugural race we used the section of track that we still use for dual racing today. We threw an open invite to London Longboards in 2010 and they joined us at Hog Hill for the British Outlaw Championships in May that year. Following that the events gained in popularity and Hog Hill gained as big a reputation with longboarders as it had already established with slalom racers.

This year’s season opener was a month earlier than usual but thankfully the weather gods were kind to us and Hog Hill was bathed in warm sunshine all afternoon.  Our friends fromSwedenreturned to compete including my fellow Kryptonics Ambassador Pelle Gusstafsson with his First Lady Therese Redman, Anton Sundling and a newcomer to Hog Hill Olle Bauer. Mmedo Duffort also came across fromFranceensuring “Frenglish” representation.

With Andy on his Slimming World duties Simon Wells has stepped in to do the honours with the ramps while he can. One of our previous hybrid courses was still partially marked so to save time we used this as the basis for the dual course. Once a few timing hiccups had been resolved practice began. It was quite a tricky course with a few wide offsets and you could easily pay the price if accelerating too fast towards the bottom section. In fact during racing this was where most of the DQ’s and cone penalties occurred.

After a short rider briefing we began the qualifying heats. I manned the timing table along with Sam and the shiny new UKSSA laptop. Not only do we finally have a new laptop but whiteboards too!  The course wasn’t taking any prisoners during the qualifying runs, DQ’s were racking up as were the cone counts. Everyone rose to the challenge and all bar a couple got times in the bag. But with it being a Basic Status race DQ’s were advanced – besides it’s always nice to give people as many races as possible for their buck.

With qualifying over and bracketing computed we were ready to start racing commencing with the A Group, round of 8. The pairings were: Louis Selby vs Paul Coupe, Chris Charalambous vs Sam Gordon, Olle Bauer Vs Pelle Plast and Mmedo Duffort vs Anton Sundling. Louis dispatched Paul in their match-up, although the big man put in a very nice clean second run it just wasn’t enough. Chris and Sam both DQ’d their first run leaving everything to play for. But disaster stuck again at the bottom section for Chris and for a rare second time he DQ’d. So despite his hefty four cone penalty Sam advanced. In the Swede on Swede battle my fellow Kryptonics Brand Ambassador Pelle was also having a battle with the bottom of the course, taking out five cones in his first run against Olle.and went into his second run 1.64 behind – behind being the operative word when you skate in your pants!. Olle took out 3 cones to Pelle’s one but it wasn’t enough to help Pelle, so he joined Paul sitting in the shade. The final pair in the round of 8 saw Mmedo, who had taken a big slam earlier, eliminate Anton from the proceedings. Anton DQ’d his first run and couldn’t make up the deficit.

Olle Bauer in his heat against Pelle Plast – who raced in his pants! Photo: Alec Brown

In the round of 4 Louis beat Pavel teammate Sam, who’s combined cone count of seven over the two runs did the lion’s share of the damage. A struggling Mmedo double DQ’d against Olle and so it would be the Swedish Hog Hill newcomer to face Louis in the final.

Sam faced Mmedo in the Consolation round for third spot. The first run saw both riders take out cones on the bottom section.  Although Mmedo had hit six cones to Sam’s five his faster raw time of 15.25 saw him go into the second run with a 0.46 advantage. Both riders left the start ramp in synch and were neck and neck through the first section of the course but just after the second offset the trickier lower section got both of them. Another double DQ meaning the injured Mmedo snatched third place and earned a much needed sit down.

The final was intensely close. In the first run Louis ran fast and clean but Olle was faster and despite one cone penalty went into the final run just .06 up on the Pavel rider. The last run was even closer with Louis crossing the line in 14.90 and Olle in 14.89. But again it was the cone count that would be critical in deciding the outcome. Louis’ two cones to Olle’s three had secured him another podium top spot, a victory by a margin of just 0.03.

A Group Hybrid Final – Louis Selby (White course) vs Olle Bauer
Photo: John Nicholas

 Conditions on the hill were perfect as we began the B group racing. Because of the number of racers we needed to run a couple of heats to get down to a round of 8.  In the first heat Noah Ellison would Race Alec Brown. Unfortunately for Alec he double DQ’d his runs sending Noah through. Next up was “The One” Bossman Richard Searle versus Mike Fish. Mike DQ’d in his first run leaving Rich to breeze through into the next round. Finally Trevor Hickey would race Theresa,  after the first run Trevor had a 0.47 advantage. So her fellow countrymen cheering on Theresa had to put the hammer down. Sadly it was not to be another error on the lower section of the course meant that she DQ’d.

Alec Brown vs Noah Ellison. Photo: John Nicholas

So into the round of 8 we went. Noah was up against tough opposition in the form of Tiago Fanha. Try as he might Noah couldn’t quite hold his line and DQ’d both runs meaning an easy passage through to the next round for Tiago. My return to racing after an 18 month hiatus wasn’t quite the success I had hoped it would be either. Then again I was up against my old Souhbank homie, the style master himself Dobie. Sadly I became another victim of the bottom of the course and pulled out Dq’ing my run. Although Dobie sent cones flying from his course as well, the difference was that he crossed the line! Our second run was pretty much a re-run of the first only this time Dobie DQ’d too! Homie went through. Note to self – don’t faff around doing other things when practice is on – take a couple of runs Doofus! Next up was Dread City’s John Nicholas racing Rich.  But even John had trouble with the course and he DQ’d his first run meaning that Rich was in the driving seat. John dug deep and flew out of the gate and crossed the line over a second ahead of Rich but it wasn’t enough and Rich took it by just 0.14.  Last up was the ever improving Dill Hill and Trevor. Dill was looking on form and put in a good first run time crossing the line almost a second ahead of Trev, who even though he had run clean and Dill had hit six cones, found himself trailing Dill by 0.44. He ran clean again but not fast enough to catch Dill who crossed the line ahead of him, this time with only 2 cone penalties and something of a Hog Hill record. Bucking the trend that one course is always faster than the other he recorded exactly the same raw time on both courses, 17.33.

The round of 4 saw Tiago go through to the final after Dobie DQ’d his first run. He put in a faster time than Tiago on the second but was still wide of the mark. Dill then relegated Rich to the Consolation round, both riders demolished the lower section of the course in spectacular style on their last run but Dill was quicker it was that simple.

B Group Hybrid – Dill Hill (Orange course) vs Richard Searle
Photo: John Nicholas

The consolation round was a fairly a straightforward affair. Dobie double DQ’d, Rich didn’t and so took third place. The Dill vs Tiago final was very close indeed. Dill took the first round and led by just 0.10 but Tiago came back with a much quicker run and although he hit five cones to Dill’s four it was fast enough to claim the top podium position. It had been a great afternoons racing and the sun had shone down on us and reddened our pale skins. We cleared away everything that needed to be and then headed for home and cold beer.

A new event to Hog Hill kicked off Sunday morning, an electric skateboard race. The race was organised by the crew from Evolve Electric Skateboards UK and gave all of us something to watch while we ate our bacon sarnies and woke ourselves up with copious amounts of hot tea and coffee.

The first of the Evolve electric skateboard races gets underway. Photo: Rob Ashby

The sun was making an effort to come out to play but the clouds were fighting it back.
As we began Giant Slalom practice the sky was looking moody but it showed no signs of rain for the time being at least.  The GS would be decided on the fastest of three timed runs with any cones hit incurring a 0.2 second penalty. We began racing just after midday and I was being ably assisted by Silver Fox Jim Slater who had kindly agreed to take on shouting duties on the bend of the hill. Olle Bauer set the pace with a first run time of 22.79 clean. Riders all appeared to be enjoying the course and the conditions, times were getting quicker. Louis, Mmedo, Sam and Paul were all going well and racing hard trying to better each other and topple Olle from his position at the top of the leaderboard. About halfway through racing the wind picked up and it became critical for riders to time their runs with the conditions and avoid the headwinds. With just four runs left to go we felt rain in the air however the warmth in the track meant that the light drizzle was virtually dying as it hit the asphalt. I asked each of the remaining racers if they wanted to take their runs and they all replied in the affirmative and within five minutes all runs had been completed. Olle’s first run time stood the closest Louis could get was 22.94. He may have lost out to Louis in Saturday’s Hybrid but Olle’s took the coveted Hog Hill GS crown for Sweden. 

Trevor Hickey on the GS course
Photo: John Nicholas

The prize giving saw winners mugs, Kryptonics Wheels, bearings and other assorted schwag from Octane Sport handed out to the Hybrid and GS winners and a set of slide gloves for our only woman entrant Theresa . Following the prize giving we all wished each other well and went our separate ways.

Hybrid A Group Podium (L-R) Olle Bauer (SWE), Louis Selby (Pavel Racing), Mmedo Duffort (Pavel Racing) Photo: Sam Gordon


Hybrid B Group Podium (L-R) Dill Hill, Tiago Fanha, Richard Searle Photo: Sam Gordon


Giant Slalom Podium (L-R) Louis Selby (Pavel Racing), Olle Bauer (SWE), Mmedo Duffort (Pavel Racing) Photo: Sam Gordon

The next event at Hog Hill will be Summer Swine Stomp 14th & 15th July when we will changing the format a little and holding the first race for The Martin Sweeney Memorial Trophy. More details will be announced in the coming weeks. We will also be printing some tee shirts to mark our 10th anniversary with graphics by Mac. We’ll be taking pre-orders shortly and details will be posted up soon so keep an eye out.


The Usual BIG Thanks Dept:

Sam Gordon for his top notch work in front of and behind the scenes, sign up etc.

Michael Stride and Octane Sport for their unerring support, providing ramps, timing and prizes

 Lyn and Richard Case – for ramp storage

Simon Wells for transportation/ramp shifting and generally getting involved in just about everything during set up and breakdown

 Kryptonics – for the awesome wheels!

 All of our other event sponsors

The Swedes for joining us

 The Course Setters

 Timmy, Ben, Jorge and crew – for sorting out all things longboardy and sign- up.

 Ian Coles, Sylvia, Dave and all of the staff at Redbridge Cycling Centre

 St John’sAmbulance Service

 Coupe Limousine Service

 ……And finally a special big “Thank You” to everyone that raced and helped out with writing things on whiteboards, set up/break-down and van packing – it always makes things easier and quicker when everyone mucks-in!


“Just Chillin’ “
Photo: Kim Jungreuthmayer

The Crackling 2018 – Year X Results


Hybrid Slalom


A Group


  1. Louis Selby
  2. Olle Bauer (SWE)
  3. Mmedo Duffort
  4. Sam Gordon
  5. Chris Charalambous
  6. Anton Sundling (SWE)
  7. Pelle Plast (SWE)
  8. Paul Coupe


B Group


  1. Tiago Fanha
  2. Dill Hill
  3. Richard Searle
  4. Dobie Campbell
  5. John Nicholas
  6. Rob Ashby
  7. Trevor Hickey
  8. Noah Ellison (USA)
  9. Alec Brown
  10. Mike Fish
  11. Tezzan Redman (SWE)


Giant Slalom

Raw Times – cone penalties (.2 secs) in brackets


  1. Olle Bauer (SWE)                22.79
  2. Louis Selby                           22.94
  3. Mmedo Duffort                     23.29
  4. Paul Coupe                          23.55
  5. Pelle Plast (SWE)                23.83 (1)
  6. Sam Gordon                         23.99 (1)
  7. Dill Hill                                   24.96
  8. Anton Sundling (SWE)       24.70 (2)
  9. Tiago Fanha                         25.11
  10. Trevor Hickey                        25.54 (1)
  11. Richard Searle                     25.46 (2)
  12. John Nicholas                      25.74 (1)
  13. Noah Ellison (USA)             25.44 (4)
  14. Alec Brown                           26.04 (4)
  15. Therese Redman (SWE)    30.54 (3)
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UKSSA Hangin’ Ten at Hog Hill – Dates for 2018

The first ever course laid down at Hog Hill on 20th July 2008. The centre was still being completed and the only facilities on site were the blue builders cabin and two site toilets you can see at the bottom of the hill, everything else was still very much under construction.

This year sees the 10th Anniversary of the UK Slalom Skateboarding Association holding races at Redbridge Cycling Centre AKA Hog Hill. The UKSSA along with London Longboards will be holding their usual series of  events at this prime UK facility. The dates for these are as follows:

 The Crackling: Year X

14th – 15th April 2018 (From 12.30 on Saturday 14th)


Summer Swine Stomp: Hangin’ Ten at Hog Hill

14th – 15th July 2018 (From 12.30 on Saturday 14th)


Hogtoberfest 2018

13th – 14th October (From 12.30 on Saturday 13th)


Make a note of these dates now and join us for a weekend at the countries best multi-disciplined skateboard events.

The first Hog Hill event of the year The Crackling: Year X features head to head and Giant Slalom racing with some of the best of the current crop of British racers as well as racers from across Europe.
Freeriding, Downhill Racing, Luge, Slide events and numerous other clinics will be hosted and run by our friends at London Longboards. There will also be a Freestyle jam featuring  the cream of the current crop of UK’s freestylers.

For more information please visit:

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Summer Swine Stomp 2017, Hog Hill, 22nd – 23rd July

Race Report by Rob Ashby 

Louis Selby on the GS watched by Chris Schutz and Derek Featherstone.
Photo by Alec Brown

Saturday began with Andy and I  loading the ramps under heavy skies, bits of blue were poking through the greyness but a downpour en route did nothing to boost confidence for a good days racing.  On arrival at Hog Hill it was great to welcome Chris Schutz, Ferdinand Lindner and Bob Augustin from Berlin – they preferred to come to London and race at the Hill rather than race in Stuttgart which was also on this weekend. After the usual greetings, banter and coffee we got to work on setting up. Sadly just as everything was about ready the “few spots of rain in the air” turned into a deluge and sent everyone fleeing for the sanctuary of the café; everyone that is bar a few hardy downhillers who where enjoying themselves too much to let a little bit of rain stop them. In the café Ed Brockman was holding court and showing off his vintage stock and tempting punters. There was much eating of cake and drinking hot beverages whilst the assembled throng told tales of yore and watched the rain bouncing up off the track. Sadly that was pretty much the story for Saturday and we left hoping for a better day on Sunday. 

The “Happy Campers” seeking food and shelter in the pub on Saturday evening.
Photo: Rob Ashby

Sunday morning saw a welcome return of the sun. We started the day off with GS and after a few practice runs we were up and running. The smaller than normal field allowed us to let riders take three runs rather than the usual two. The fastest would be the one that counts and determine their place on the now infamous Octane “Top Gear” leader board.
The course was the same as the one used at The Cracking in May. It was still marked and with time a critical factor in getting through the race programme it made sense not setting a new one. However a bit of trouble with the timing gear caused a slight delay in the start. After diagnosing the tape switches as the problem they were both duly replaced and we were soon back in action. The skating was exceptional and there was just over a four second gap separating the top to the bottom of the pack. The changeable head/tailwind could be a deciding factor therefore timing was critical when launching from the ramp. We were ably assisted on the hill by “The Godfather of UK Slalom” Derek Featherstone who took on the role of Chief Marshall, checking on the cone count and signalling any problems. With only a couple of the third runs done we suffered a short rain interlude. Thankfully it was short-lived, there was just time for a quick cuppa and we were ready to continue. The battle for the hallowed top spot on the board was being fought out between Pavel teammates Chris Schutz, Ferdy, Louis and Sam and that was the order at the top of the leader board at the finish, the board belonged to our friends fromBerlin.

 With time of the essence we readied the Hybrid course and timing double quick. We qualified and we bracketed in record time. The cut for the A Group was the top 8 fastest and the remaining riders would form the B Group. The A Group round of 8 was a tall order for four riders as they would each be facing a seasoned Team Pavel racer. Dill hill was up against Chris Schutz, John Nicholas would be racing Sam Gordon, Paul Coupe would race Louis Selby and Paul Taylor Crush would face Ferdinand. Despite valiant efforts especially from Paul Taylor Crush the Pavel Crew blitzed their opposition leaving themselves to fight it out for the top three places. The highlight of the round of 4 were the heats between Louis and Ferdy both were very close with Louis coming out on top as he pumped furiously through the last section of the course.

In the Final Louis would be up against Chris, in their first heat despite hitting two cones to Louis’ one, Chris went into the second run with a 0.29 advantage. Louis made a valiant effort to make up the deficit but it was a too tall an order and he ended incurring 4 cone penalties. Chris was top of the pile by a final margin of 1.2 seconds.

King of The Stomp – Chris Schutz showing off his go faster UKSSA Sticker.
Photo: Rob Ashby


With just over an hour of track time left we ran straight into the B Group. There were only six racers to get through so it was achievable providing there were no hold ups or delays.  We ran the round of 8 with Jim Parry Jones and Berliner Bob Augustin going through on byes. Andy Turner raced Trevor Hickey, both riders ran clean but it was Andy that went through to meet Jim. In the other heat Richard Searle was up against Alec Brown. Richard hit cones on his first run but still managed to take the last spot in the round of 4 to face Bob. The first round of 4 heat between Andy and Jim was an incredibly close race, both riders hit a cone a piece but Andy just edged it by 0.06! The second run was almost as close except this time Jim had a bit of a conefest and incurred himself seven cone penalties. Bob had a bit of a nightmare against Richard hitting cones in the first run and DQ’ing his second. His mojo had not been restored in the Consolation Round against Jim either, he DQ’d his first run and hit 7 cones in his second leaving Jim to claim 3rd.
In the first run of the Final Andy took a nasty slam at the end of the course Richard crossing the finish line alone. Shaken and definitely a bit stirred Andy climbed the ramp for the second heat determined to make Richard work for his podium but he had to pull out halfway down the course, he could not swing his arm properly after his fall.
And so another great day of racing at Hog Hill came to an end, prizes were given, stickers handed out, vans were loaded, thanks were thanked and our friends fromBerlin wished Auf Wiedersehen. 

 Thank you once again to Michael and Octane Sport for providing race support, sponsorship and prizes, Kryptonics Wheels, The “Man with the Van” Andy Turner for transporting the ramps up from my sister’s in West Sussex, My sister and RK Case Contractors for providing the ramp storage, Sam Gordon for all of his organisation, sign up assistance and financial administration, Timmy Peters and DAS Industries for organisational shizzle and logistics, Seismic Skate for providing race spreadsheets, and all the UKSSA crew and racers for all mucking in and helping out.

Big thanks to Chris, Ferdy and Bob for coming over for our little race, It’s always fun racing with you guys.

Finally thanks to Ian Coles and all at Redbridge Cycling Centre for putting up with us once again and a special big thank you to Sylvia and her team for sheltering, feeding and watering us.


Hybrid A Group


  1. Chris Schutz
  2. Louis Selby
  3. Ferdinand Lindner
  4. Sam Gordon
  5. John Nicholas
  6. Paul Taylor Crush
  7. Paul Coupe
  8. Dill Hill


Hybrid B Group


  1. Richard Searle
  2. Andy Turner
  3. Jim Parry Jones
  4. Bob Augustin
  5. Trevor Hickey
  6. Alec Brown


Giant Slalom

(Raw times, cones in brackets 0.2 penalty)


  1. Chris Schutz             22.05
  2. Ferdinand Lindner  22.11
  3. Louis Selby               22.84 (2)
  4. Sam Gordon             23.13 (2)
  5. Paul Coupe              24.02 (1)
  6. John Nicholas          24.50 (2)
  7. Jim Parry Jones       24.74 (1)
  8. Paul Taylor Crush   24.81 (1)
  9. Andy Turner              25.06
  10. Dill Hill                       24.46 (3)
  11. Lance Martins           25.84
  12. Alec Brown               25.72 (2)
  13. Bob Augustin             25.73 (2)
  14. Trevor Hickey           26.14
  15. Richard Searle         26.17


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The Crackling, Hog Hill – 20th – 21st May 2017

“Let’s do this….!”

Race report by Rob Ashby

 This year saw one of the largest fields of European riders competing it theUK’s first race of the season. We had a seven strong team from Sweden including my fellow Kryptonics Ambassador Pelle Gusstafsson, From Germany we had Alex Lutz and Dominik Kowalski. Dominik is currently staying in London and he rocked up on Saturday afternoon looking very dapper. Then representing France we had Vincent Tanguy and Patrick Allan and they were joined by the usual “Frenglish” racer collective of Mmedo Duffort and the Dumont Family.

With the Hybrid course set practice got under way but fifteen minutes in the skies darkened and the rain came down. Sadly it got progressively harder and washed out the rest of the day – for slalom at least. But there was always tea, coffee, cake and banter to be had in the café where Ed was holding court in amongst it all. We were even treated to a bit of “show, tell ‘n’ buy” from Dominik where a few bargains were snapped up by some of the assembled racers. The law of sod saw the sun breakthrough with around 45 minutes of track time left so Louis, Mmedo and Vincent aided by a few others decided to mark the GS course. This would mean one less thing to do on Sunday and allow us to start the GS first thing so as not to impede on track time for Timmy’s downhill events.

Sunday morning saw the sun return and so practice got underway promptly on the GS hill. After a quick rider briefing the timed runs started and the visitors seemed to be enjoying the fast flowing Giant course. The Battle Royale was between Dominik and Vincent, both clocking sub 22 second runs. Pavel team mates Louis Selby and Mmedo Duffort slugging it out for 3rd and 4th places and Sam Gordon was also locked in battle with his nemesis Pelle Gusstafsson. Both riders appeared to finding it hard to break the 23 second barrier. Eventually however with the last run in the bag it was the returning Dominik that took the Crackling GS title from Vincent in 2nd place. Mmedo a nabbed a well earned 3rd with Louis hot on his heels with a very close 4th – just 0.2 in it! In his first competitive race ever Rookie Swedish racer Daniel Petersson came in 6th with an impressive clean run time of 22.51. Also worthy of a mention is occasional racer Joe Baldwin who came 8th with a raw time of 22.91 picking up just one cone penalty. Keep it up Joe it would be good to see more of you racing in future.


Dominik. How low can you go?
Photo: Sam Gordon


Impressive performance, Swedish newcomer Daniel Petersson.
Photo: Sam Gordon


Joe Baldwin picked up 8th place in the GS after a great performance.


GS 2nd place man “The One” Team rider Vincent Tanguy.

A quick, well rehearsed turn around later and we were ready for the continuation of the Dual Hybrid racing and the qualification rounds. With both A and B groups to get through time was of the essence. The cut for the A group was as usual the top eight and the remaining riders made up the B Group for a round of 16. With so many fast European riders in attendance the A Group looked very different from the norm with only Louis and Joe Baldwin making the cut for the home team. Having not made it into the A group Sam found himself in unfamiliar territory and joining him in the B group – Pelle! In fact in total there were 7 Europeans in the B Group, I think this is a Hog Hill record?

 In the A Group round of 8 Joe went out to super-fast low rider Dominik, Sweden’s Victor Martensson eliminated Pavel man Mmedo Duffort after some fine close racing with a margin of just 0.18 seconds. French “The One” Team rider Vincent Tanguy put Alex Lutz out of contention despite both riders sending cones everywhere in their first run; Vincent emerging victorious by just over a second. Louis kept the home fires burning in his match up against Patrick Allan. Britain’s finest ran fast and clean while Patrick picked up 5 cone penalties. The damage already done by the Frenchman in the first run Louis advanced to the round of 4 by 1.38 seconds. 

The Finals saw Dominik paired with the Flying Frenchman Vincent – both riders had similar times so close final was a certainty. In the consolation Round Louis would race against Victor for 3rd and 4th place. The first run of the final was incredibly close Vincent crossed the line just ahead of Dominik but four cone penalties handed the advantage to the German. The second run again saw Vincent cross the line with only cones being the difference again. Dominik took first place by just 0.14.  Louis took 3rd after two close runs against Victor in 4th.

The Final. Dominik vs. Vincent.
Photo: Dobie

In the B Group the round of 16 went like this: In the all Swedish heat Rookie Daniel Petersson cruised by Kaj Gustaffson after Kaj DQ’d his second run, Old Southbank LSD Boy Dobie vs. Anton Sundling provided some  really close great to watch racing. Dobie just losing out on cones the final margin 0.56.  Another old LSD Boy, Chris Charalambous raced Andy Turner. In the first run both riders took out cones but Chris had a the advantage going into the second run 1.21 up on Andy. Despite really going for it and pulling out all the stops a crucial error meant Andy DQ’d his second run sending Chris into the round of 8. In the battle of the Paul’s – Coupe vs. Taylor Crush, TC blazed through the first heat and looked like eliminating the Board Collector Extraordinaire but disaster struck when on his second run he incurred 6 cone penalties, Coupe ran clean and went through. UK Pavel Team rider Sam Gordon was paired against Richard Searle. Sam’s years of experience both on the international circuit and at home were no match for “The One” Boss Man. Sam advancing by over 2.5 seconds. Sam’s friendly rival/sometime nemesis Pelle Gustafsson was drawn against John Nicholas. Their first run was close but both riders took out the end section of the course. In the second Pelle ran fast and clean and John hit cones it was as simple as that. Both the Dumont Brothers beat their respective opponents and showed that they are a force to be reckoned with. Aumary took out the ever improving Paul Borrell and a fast fluid Cyprien sent another Swede out of the group beating Johan Grundel who DQ’d his first run and too big a big cone count on the second consigned him to an early bath.  

The Pauls – Paul TC (left) vs. Paul Coupe.  Photo: Alec Brown

 There were some interesting pairings in the B Group round of 8 Daniel would face his fellow countryman Johan, Chris and Paul would race off, Sam was pitted against his semi-naked rival Pelle, and Aumary would race brother Cyprien. 

Daniel saw off the challenge from Johan, Chris showed his style and speed and beat Paul by over a second over the two runs. In the grudge match to end them all (“I’ll never hear the end of it…..” S. Gordon) Sam needn’t have worried – Pelle’s cone count was twice that of his each run! Cyprien led after the first run by just 0.03 against brother Aumary who took out four cones to his one. But Aumary came back stronger and faster than his younger brother and took the heat going through by just 0.24. In the round of 4 Daniel earned his place in the final by beating Chris and Sam would be joining him after a high cone count cost Aumary dearly.

In the consolation round Chris DQ’d his first run leaving too much to make up on his second and had to settle for 4th place leaving Aumary to grab the 3rd place on the podium. ….and so to the B Group final.
The first run saw two very fast, clean and close runs with Daniel just edging Sam at the finish by 0.28. Try as he might Sam could not make up the ground in the last run. He picking up two cone penalties at the end of the course pumping it going for the line. A delighted Daniel Petersson claimed his first race victory, a very worthy winner he was too and had skated very well throughout the day. Another speedy Swede to watch out for!

 The prize giving saw vouchers for Kryptonics wheels, bearings and schwag from Octane Sport and product from Jimmy Z for the winners handed out and a Jimmy Z complete to overall winner Dominik Kowalski. Following the prize giving the merry band of racers wished each other well and went their separate ways until the next time.

The Crackling Overall Winner Dominik Kowalski.
Photo: Sam Gordon


Second Place Vincent – Making a dash for home. Photo: Rob Ashby


The Usual BIG Thanks Dept:

 Sam Gordon for his top notch work in front of and behind the scenes

 Michael Stride and Octane Sport for their unerring support, providing ramps, timing and prizes

 Lyn and Richard Case – for ramp storage

 Andy Turner for ramp transportation and getting involved in just about everything during set up and breakdown.

 Kryptonics – for the awesome wheels!

 All of our other event sponsors

 The Course Setters

 Timmy and Louise of DAS Industries all things longboardy and sign Up

 Ian Coles, Sylvia, Dave and all of the staff at Redbridge Cycling Centre

 St John’sAmbulance Service

 Coupe Limousine Service

 ……And finally a special big “Thank You” to everyone that raced and helped out with writing things on whiteboards, set up/break-down and van packing – it always makes things easier and quicker when everyone mucks-in!


The Crackling 2017 Results

Hybrid A Group 

  1. Dominik Kowalski (GER)
  2. Vincent Tanguy (FR)
  3. Louis Selby
  4. Victor Martensson (SWE)
  5. Mmedo Duffort
  6. Patrick Allan (FR)
  7. Alex Lutz (GER)
  8. Joe Baldwin


Hybrid B Group 

  1. Daniel Petersson (SWE)
  2. Sam Gordon
  3. Aumary Dumont (FR)
  4. Chris Charalambous
  5. Cyprien Dumont (FR)
  6. Pelle Gustafsson (SWE)
  7. Anton Sundling (SWE)
  8. Paul Coupe
  9. Paul Taylor Crush
  10. Dobie Campbell
  11. John Nicholas
  12. Johan Grundel (SWE)
  13. Andy Turner
  14. Paul Borrell
  15. Richard Searle
  16. Kaj Gustafsson (SWE)

 Official Timekeeper: Rob Ashby

 Giant Slalom

(Raw times, cone penalties – 0.2 secs – in brackets)


1.    Dominik Kowalski (GER)        21.45 

2.    Vincent Tanguy            (FR)               21.94 

3.    Mmedo Duffort                          22.21 

4.    Louis Selby                                22.41 

5.    Victor Martensson (SWE)        22.02              (2)

6.    Daniel Petersson (SWE)         22.52

7.    Patrick Allan (FR)                     22.71              (1)      

8.    Joe Baldwin                               22.91              (1)      

9.    Sam Gordon                              22.99              (2)      

10.  Pelle Gustafsson (SWE)         23.03              (4)      

11.  Alex Lutz (GER)                        23.29              (3)      

12.  Paul Coupe                               23.85              (1)

13.  Anton Sundling (SWE)                       23.72              (2)      

14.  Cyprien Dumont (FR)              24.15 

15.  Kaj Gustafsson (SWE)                        24.06              (1)      

15.  Chris Charalambous               24.26              (1)      

16.  Paul Taylor Crush                    24.60 

17.  John Nicholas                          25.00

18.  Richard Searle                          24.81              (1)      

19.  Aumary Dumont (FR)              24.84              (1)      

20.  Andy Turner                              25.02              (2)      

21.  Dill Hill                                        24.80              (2)

22.  Paul Borrell                               25.48

23.  Trevor Hickey                            25.75

24.  Alec Brown                                25.96

25.  Andre Paro                                26.52              (2)

26.  Gavin Palfrey                            27.03              (3)

Tezzan Redman (SWE)                  29.87              (7)      


Official Timekeeper: Rob Ashby

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Hog Hill Race Dates 2017

Hog Hill Race Calendar 2017

The UKSSA are happy to announce this years dates for racing at Hog Hill – Redbridge Cycling Centre. 

 20th & 21st May  – The Crackling 2017

The season opener – Dual Hybrid and Giant Slalom

The first Hog Hill event of the year is “The Crackling” which features head to head Hybrid and Giant Slalom racing with some of the best of the current crop of British racers.

Freestyle Jam/Competition.
Freeriding, Downhill Racing, Luge, Slide events and numerous clinics will be hosted and run by our partners in crime DAS Industries and London Longboards. 

 22nd & 23rd July – Summer Swine Stomp 2017

Dual Hybrid and GS

+ Vintage slalom board races – “English Tight” slalom course, gauntlet style racing. (Time permitting)

Freestyle – possible UK Round Up Comp – to be confirmed by Tony Gale
Freeriding, Downhill Racing, Luge, Slide events and clinics. 

14th & 15th October – Hogtoberfest 2017

Winter draws on!

Dual Hybrid and Giant Slalom

Freestyle Jam/Competition.
Plus all of the usual Freeriding, Downhill Racing, Luge, Slide events and  clinics.
End of year awards.

We should also have confirmation of the Turn & Burn Race at Paddle Round the Pier on 1st & 2nd July soon. Watch this space.

Make a note of these dates now!

See you at the races. 

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Hogtoberfest , Hog Hill – 15th/16th October 2016

The last Hog Hill race of the season Hogtoberfest took place back in October. Unfortunately unlike previous years it didn’t look as though we were going to be as lucky with the weather. On arrival the track was wet and would take a while to dry out before any slalom could take place.

Hogtoberfest saw the return of our French slalom cousin Vincent Tanguy to the hill and he was joined by Patrick Allan who was making his maiden visit. Mmedo (dubbed “Mmexit” for the weekend) also made the trip over to join his Pavel Teammates Louis and Sam in the competition.

Dual Hybrid Slalom Course. Photo by Rob Ashby

 While the course was drying we began setting up and getting the dual Hybrid course marked up ensuring that we could get underway without delay as soon as conditions allowed.

Eventually we were ready to roll and got practice and qualifying underway. I took a few runs but it was clear that my ankle wasn’t going to play ball so I sat out and concentrated on timekeeping duties. Once qualifying times were safely in the bag we bracketed the racers; the fastest 8 forming the A Group and the remaining the B. Just to mix things up a bit we started with the B group first since there were a few more of them to get through. The standard of racing was exceptionally high and provided some quality close racing. There were a few byes in the round of 16 so we got through that fairly rapidly.

Race Control, Rob Ashby seated on the right assisted by Mmedo on the whiteboard
Photo by Sam Gordon

It was good to see Kim Jungreuthmayer giving the hybrid a good go on his new “The One” set up – a step up in terms of technology from his Hobieflex Slalom. He was drawn against Andy Turner and was despatched to the sidelines after his round of 16 heats. He’ll be out for revenge next year with that set up well and truly dialled in so watch out folks! Returning PigCityskater  Dom Barette went out to the ever improving Dill Hill and after DQ’ing in his second run Alec Brown joined Kim and Dom on the sidelines going out to Andrea “Beer Monster” Paro. So through into the round of 8 were Veteran LSD racer Dobie Campbell, Trevor Hickey, Paul Borrell, DreadCity’s John Nicholas, Richard “The One” Searle, Andrea, Andy and Dill.

Dobie’s fast and fluid style saw Andrea eliminated next. The heats were very close between Trevor and Paul but the latter’s cone count was to be his undoing. The first run between Richard and Dill ended in a dead heat with both riders crossing the line in 16.86 but it was Richards 2 cones to Dill’s 4 that gave him the edge going into the second run. Richard pulled out all the stops and ran clean thus eliminating Dill who was still “running in” his new Octane/Pavel set up and hitting cones in the process. Close racing was to be the order of the day in the B group and in the first heat between John Nicholas and Andy, John crossed the line in 16.82 picking up 1 cone penalty and Andy managed 16.72 but hit 2 cones meaning tied times with penalties added. John hit 2 cones on his second run but his faster run (16.25) was enough to see him advance despite Andy’s 16.47 clean run time.

Dobie, Speed and Style is Everything.
Photo by Sam Gordon

So the stage was set for a great round of 4 with Dobie facing Trevor and John racing Richard. Trevor (16.30) just edged across the line ahead of Dobie (16.34). Trevor’s 1 cone penalty to Dobie’s 4 meant he went into the second run with a 0.34 advantage. Dobie was having none of it and put in a blistering second run. Both riders hit a cone but with his time of 15.80 Dobie relegated Trevor (16.30) to the consolation round, the margin just 0.16.  In the other heats John (15.95) showed he meant business and crossed the line ahead of Richard (16.28) who had hit two cones leaving himself an uphill struggle in the next run. John again put in another sub 16 second run (15.92) incurring just 1 cone penalty whereas the best Richard could manage was 16.36 also with 1 cone so he joined Trev in the Consolation Round.  

This year’s Hogtoberfest Hybrid saw what was probably the best B Group racing we had seen all year. Talk about saving the best until last!

In The Final it was a case of new technology versus old, John running Don’t Trip trucks, Dobie on 70’s Lazer Slaloms. Both riders got great starts off the ramps, anticipating the “beep” brilliantly. They were neck and neck at the midway point John was just slightly ahead of Dobie at the finish, crossing the line in 15.74 to Dobie’s 15.86. John hit 2 cones, Dobie just 1 – meaning they were separated by a margin of just 0.02. Lightening fast reactions again saw both racers launch themselves well from the ramps and again they couldn’t be separated. With both riders hitting 2 cones each, Dobie’s time of 15.54 and John’s time of 15.56 meant after two runs the racers were tied meaning that for the first time ever in a Hog Hill Final we needed to hold a run off! Both veteran racers again climbed the ramps and focused as the red lights on the timer lit up. As soon as lights turned green and the beep sounded they catapulted themselves down the hill. This time John just crossed the line ahead of Dobie in 15.55. But John’s 3 cone penalties were to be his undoing. Dobie’s time of 15.64 with just 1 cone meant that he had snatched the top podium spot with a margin a just 0.09. 

Lazers and Southbank 1 – Don’t Trip andDreadCity0…….to be continued methinks?

The Consolation Round provided yet more high calibre racing. Richard called on his wealth of recent European race experience to get well and truly “in the zone”. He put in a great smooth, fast and clean first run finishing in 16.30 to Trevor’s 16.36 with 1 cone penalty. Both riders ran clean in their final run but Richard (16.14) had done enough, pipping Trev (16.26) to the line and so nabbing the 3rd podium spot.  

 Now that the B Group had shown how it was done it was time for the A Group to show their metal. The round of 8 comprised Vincent Tanguy (FR) vs. Paul Coupe, Patrick Allan (FR) vs. Sam Gordon, Louis Selby vs. Paul Taylor Crush and Mmedo Duffort vs. Chris Charalambous.

Patrick Allan on his Hog Hill debut.
Photo by Sam Gordon

Vincent was running incredibly fast and although Paul was doing his level best he was sent packing by the Frenchman, the margin 2.82 seconds. For the first time in quite sometime Sam failed to make it into the round of 4 joining Paul “on the bench”. Sam (14.77 & 15.06) crossed the line ahead of Patrick (14.99 & 15.09) in both heats but his normal fast and clean runs failed to materialise picking up 4 cone penalties on each of his heats. Louis was looking good and had been running clean in practice. His first run against Paul TC was no exception leaving Paul to make up a deficit of a second and a half going into the second run after he had hit cones and picked up 4 penalties. Their second run saw Louis hit 2 cones to Paul’s 3 but the damage had already been done and so it was theUKnumber 1 that advanced.

In what has now come to be a bit of a friendly grudge match Mmedo took the first heat against LSD Southbank skater Chris. Did Mmedo psyche him out? Chris just froze on the ramp, failing to start after the “beep” leaving himself an almost impossible task in his second run. His only hope was that Mmedo would DQ, but it was not to be. They were neck and neck through the first half of the course but Mmedo accelerated through the last section finishing in 14.81 clean. Chris managing 15.32 but picking up 3 penalties.

The round of 4 would see the two Frenchmen, Vincent and Patrick face one another and Pavel teammates Louis and Mmedo would once again have to slug it out. Vincent got the better start in the first heat and beat Patrick, who had hit cones, finishing by a margin of 0.79. Vincent put in the fastest run of the day on his second run crossing the line in 13.68 with just 1 cone. Patrick ran clean and finished in 14.29. The sky was darkening as Louis and Mmedo prepared themselves on the ramps, we were now racing the rapidly approaching rain too! Once again we saw two super fast racers in perfect synchronisation with each other as they powered through the course. Louis ran clean again, finishing in 14.36, Mmedo in 14.58 with a cone penalty. A couple of drops of rain had been felt at the top of the hill and the riders where asked if they wanted to take their second run or wait? They opted to go for it. Louis got the better start but Mmedo was still up with him and managed to close right up. Louis (13.91) had run clean again and although Mmedo was right behind him (14.12) he had clipped 4 cones. Perhaps the rain in the air may have played on Mmedo’s mind or he may have just been unfortunate? Either way it was Louis that would race Vincent in the final. Sadly the rain came down very heavily and so prevented us from completing the A Group on Saturday. The forecast wasn’t looking particularly good for Sunday either.

 Sunday began grey and overcast but it looked promising when a bit sun broke through and a light breeze started to dry the track but a couple of light showers further hampered our start. Mmedo and Louis were setting the GS nonetheless. We only had to run the A Group Hybrid Consolation Round and Final which would take 10 minutes but unusually the track was very slow to dry. The GS hill was drying well and allowed for a few practice runs and those that had gone down found the course really “nice and pumpy”, it sounded like a good course.

Vincent Vs. Louis – Ready to rock.
Photo by Dobie Campbell

Eventually the Hybrid hill was dry enough to race on so we went for finishing the racing from Saturday and we would run straight into the GS afterwards. Perhaps Patrick had been put off by the Sunday weather forecast and he failed to show up. Under the rules of racing he was entered as a “Did Not Race” (DNR) and so Mmedo picked up the 3rd place automatically. So it was thenBritain vs.France to fight it out for the top spot in the A Group. Both riders wished each other well and took their places on the ramps. In the first run Louis got a great start but Vincent was hot on his heels in no time but he was clipping cones and Louis was running clean. Vincent went over the line in 14.15 but had 3 cone penalties. Louis’ clean run time of 14.22 gave him the upper hand with a 0.23 advantage. The second run was again very close but Vincent had the edge, he clipped a cone but pumped hard in the last section of the course and crossed the line in 13.93. Louis finished in 14.47 but it was not enough and the victory went to The One’s sponsored pro Vincent.

Over the line. Louis on the right Vs. Vincent
Photo by Dobie Campbell

 The timing had all been tested on the GS hill and we were just getting the ramp set up when the heavens opened, it poured down and we all ran for cover where we could; many of us squeezing into the back of the van cursing the “effing rain”. Sadly with time against us we had to cancel the GS in favour of drinking tea and coffee in the café. Oh well that’s all part of the joys of racing in the UK in October eh?

A Group Hybrid Podium. L-R Vincent Tanguy, Mmedo Duffort, Louis Selby
Photo by Dobie Campbell


B Group Hybrid Podium. L-R Richard Searle, John Nicholas, Dobie Campbell
Photo Courtesy of J Patten Photography


At the prize giving ceremony there were special awards for Trevor Hickey who produced the best bit of show ‘n’ tell we have seen at Hog Hill in a long time – one of his pristine 70’s vintage Motoboards (yes I did say “one of…”!) and a D-Street complete went to Richard Searle for creating “The One” slalom board and introducing a lot of people to slalom through its creation. I was stoked to be presented with my very own “The One” deck by Richard for my services to slalom and doing the timekeeping this year (Sam will be jealous now, chortle).

 Well as we end yet another year of racing at Hog Hill I would just like to say a few thanks to people:

Massive thank you goes out to Michael Stride and Octane Sport for their support of all things slalom. Michael on behalf of us all, we all wish you the very best of health in 2017 and hope to see you return for the odd race when the mood takes you.

To Andy Turner for transporting the ramps to Hog Hill and Paul Coupe for doing it in July. Thanks also to Andy for all of the great photos too. Thank you also to my sister Lyn and RK Case Contractors in Rowhook for the ramp storage and putting up with our stuff in one of her stables. Big Thanks to DAS Industries – Timmy, Louise and Hannah for their hard work both “on the day” and behind the scenes at the events and for sorting out all of the Downhill and Longboard side of things, to Jorge Higgins for running the sliding stuff. To Paul Coupe for help with the timing system and to all of the helpers, supporters usual suspects (you know who you are) for mucking in and getting things done. A special mention to Ed Brockman for his unerring support at all of the events, it’s always good to hear your voice on the hill. We all wish you the very best for 2017 too.
Thank you to all of our  very generous sponsors; everyone at Kryptonics, Octane Sport, Pavel Skates, Half Dead Skateboards, Seismic Skate Systems for the Race Spreadsheets, Van Dem/Lush/Cult, Shiner & D Street Longboards, Mindless Longboards, Jimmy Z, One Tree and all of the other first class sponsors.
Thank you to the London Region of St John’s Ambulance for repairing the broken and bleeding, Our hosts Ian Coles and his wonderful team at Redbridge Cycling Centre for continuing to welcome us back – special thanks to Sylvia and her crew in the café for keeping us nourished and to Lambourne End Centre for Outdoor Learning for letting us camp with them.

 Until next year folks, Cheers.


Hogtoberfest Slalom Results


A Group

  1. Vincent Tanguy
  2. Louis Selby
  3. Mmedo “Mmexit” Duffort
  4. Patrick Allan
  5. Sam Gordon
  6. Chris Charalambous
  7. Paul Taylor Crush
  8. Paul Coupe

B Group

  1. Dobie Campbell
  2. John Nicholas
  3. Richard Searle
  4. Trevor Hickey
  5. Paul Borrell
  6. Andy Turner
  7. Dill Hill
  8. Andrea Paro
  9. Alec Brown
  10.  Dominic Barette
  11.  Kim Jungreuthmayer
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