Skate Slalom Open Brno, CZ 9-10 Oct 2010

It was almost too enticing, especially after the postponement of X in the City; however Team GB fought off the urge bravely:

Skate Slalom Open Brno 2010

“You come to ride in Brno Oct 9-10! The contest will be great in the lobby of the nice surface – you can use wheels with a hardness of 89A. This contest will not be canceled certainly. The contest is held in the exhibition name “Sport-life” and thus ensuring a large audience spectators. In addition to Czech riders are sign up riders from Sweden, Germany and Latvia. We would like to invite other riders from Germany, Holland, Switzerland … We understand them that in Spain, France or England is far far away, but maybe someone decides to come…”

Enough space for 50 cones course.
Cheap beer – many spectators – High Jump Contest on Sunday etc.

Entry Fee 35,00 EUR only

Last big contest before Winter !!!
You have to be there.

Well, Janis was. And to quote ISSA luninary Jani Soderhall: “Triple gold to Janis!”


Pics here:

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