Grenoble Désaxé Worldride #8, 5th – 7th July 2014

Race Report by Mmedo Duffort

Following our prowess in Paris, Louis and I agreed to represent team GB in Grenoble for a three day slalom event hosted by the Désaxé Worldride Festival. The trip took a slightly healthier turn than our recent attempts at climbing the slalom peaks but was fun (nonetheless). The flight to Geneva was as stupidly early as it was cheap but turned out to be a great idea. My dad picked us up from Geneva airport with a car (complete with full tank and free toll pass) and let us off to make our way to the GS spot, just outside Grenoble. There, we met with Guillaume St-Criq, the locals and the few French riders who had travelled from Brittany for a very, very fast hillside GS (think retaining wall on one side, drop on the other, speeds of up to 30mph and you’ll get an idea…).

The GS Hill

Mika and Viking arrived later on and a dozen riders began their practice. With so few riders, Guillaume opted for four timed runs; and what a wonderful idea that was! 4 hours, in the sun, shooting cones with nice people… Viking took first spot, Louis took third, and I took sixth; just behind Christopher Dupont and a little ahead of Guillaume, who’s no mug!

With rain forecast for Sunday, Saturday saw us race both tight and special. Viking took the tight, Mika took the special whilst Louis took fourth and seventh, which, considering that Fabian Koula (Switzerland) and Vincent Langlade (France) showed up for the day, was pretty good going for our very own UK#1TM

Overall result for the weekend read:

1          Open    Viking Hadestrand, Sweden/Pro           

2          Open   Mikael Hadestrand, Sweden/Pro           

3          Open    Christopher Dupont, France/Pro           

4          Open    Louis Selby, Great Britain/Pro  

5          Open    Vincent Tanguy, France

6          Open    Guillaume Saint-Criq, France /Pro          

7          Open   Mmedo Duffort, Great Britain    

8          Open    Franck Pannetier, France          

9          Open    Vincent Langlade, France/Pro  

10         Open    Fabian Koula, Switzerland         

11         Open   Jadranko Radovanovic,Switzerland      

12         Open    Erika Schoirfer, France 

13         Open   Lydie Visona, France    

14         Open    Anne Alexandre, France

Prize money were generous and extended to 4th spot which gave Louis a long awaited justification for his pro status!

Louis, Mika and Viking

Sunday was rained out in the morning but the Nations Cup took place in the afternoon in front of much larger crowds than we had on Saturday. Unsurprisingly, Sweden took top spot. Surprisingly, Team GB took second.

Overall, it was a great weekend of slalom. Fewer riders meant more runs for everyone. Hopefully, regular cheap flights to Geneva should ensure that more Brits take part next year.

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